Master Crafted items are a joke

This is a joke roll getting gear in this game is 100% rng, 31% dmg on a MC item at max level…

I hope there will be “red” items like in V2 to avoid this crap.

All i do on my max level is log in to check the shop rolls and do the weekly missions.


Im really hoping when the full crafting is released that we can up the actual weapon stats.


Melk should not be stocking 440 ranked oranges at that cost in the first place


80% is not in all my time playing i have never seen a 90+ most high roll i have seen was 82% if i remember correctly.

There are no weapon stats above 80 in current game.

Also, reload speed after slide is a garbage property. Make it 25% and we’ll talk.


Then you very obviously don’t enjoy the game.

If you’re logging on just to check the shop, I install the game and move on with your life.

Another entitled impatient kid wanting everything immediately.

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It’s a random loot game. The gameplay loop involves chasing “god rolls” and incrementally improving your gear.

That’s just the nature of these games. I do agree that some way to work towards “refining” a weapon’s stats over time is a great idea.