Marcus Kruberus

I know he is a beautiful man. I would like his gun too :astonished: but why is every second post on forum is about him?

Complaining about too many Marcus threads by creating a spam thread about Marcus? 10,000 IQ


Because us Kruber mains are oppressed.

Studies done have proven that Kruber mains are in fact better gamers, yet that ungrateful skank, Kerillionica, still chooses Chadzpyre rather than a gentlemen like us who respect women above all else.

Let’s put it this way. Kruber mains, through rigorous amounts of military training and/or unhealthy PTSD-induced bouts of alcoholism, have developed more stamina than the average male.

That means prolonged gamer hours and harder clutches. Last longer in-game = more powerful loot for the both of us and possibily even a red item. This could be us, Kerillionica, but you friendzoned me ten times. Ten fricking times. Kerillionica, when will you learn to love gentleman gamers like us, instead of chasing after stupid Chadzpyres.

You think you’re oppressed? Try being a Kruber main. Us Kruber mains are constantly under attack by Ratmen and Northlanders. Constantly getting friendzoned and attacked all for having a mental illness and a drinking problem, that actually improves our critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Whether young or old, brand new or classic, we are Kruber mains. We snipe specials, complete our quests, and most of all… We get things done. I guess what I’m trying to say is DON’T MESS WITH US.

Kruber mains rise up

This post was made by Kruber gang
Bottom text

Imagine actually maining krabby instead of Kerillian. Top keks :joy:


Kruber is dark souls of Vermintide !


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