I get that it’s late in the game to change this, but honestly all the maps are basically just metal corridors. The varied environments of VT make DT feel like it only has one map, just with slightly different colours

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They reuse a lot of assets as well, which seems like a mistake in keeping things feeling fresh.

What can you say? It’s a hive.

I think, of the maps I’ve seen, there’s a bunch of variety so far. And as much as I love the environment and would like to sight see, I’m usually too elbow deep in cultist guts to notice.

If you play some more, you will see that they’re very distinct aside from two. The Hourglass is the one upstairs in sandy outskits. Easily my favorite.
The Smelter is also easy to recognize. Logistratum Chasm is iconic as well.
But I do have trouble keeping the other two apart.