Maps should always have 3 scripts and 2 grims on them

would be nice to always have an option to complete these contracts while we sift through the horrible map choices laid out before use. dont like sitting here daily not wanting to play low intensity games or non modifier unfun maps WHILE also not completing scripture or grim contracts


According to the last comms update it’s getting sligthly better, unless I’m confused (you might want to check yourself). I’m pretty sure I saw something about combining the weeklies tied to grims/scriptures.

With grims/scripts being randomized I honestly think there should be more like 5 and 4 of each on maps. The game

  • should reward exploration, which you’d get by having these always show up each map in random locations.
  • shouldn’t require vigorous methodical exploration of every single back alley.

I mean maybe 5 and 4 aren’t the right numbers, but the idea is you should be able to find more than you actually need. (And yeah the assumption here is your character tells you “we already have too many of these” when you try to pick up a grim/script and your team already has the limit of 2/3.)

They will become the same missions
Not yet known if the grim and the tomes will count for the same amount of points or not (I’d prefer 2 points for Grim and 1 for Tomes)

The big issue as well is learning through play is impossible because each map has something like at minimum 9 potential scripture locations and 5-8 grim locations.

Unlike VT 1 and 2 where you could replay maps and get accustomed to each map’s 5 unique locations for tomes and grins you can’t really do that here due to both the random elements of the mission selection and the random elements of the secondary objectives.

It would make a lot more sense if they were always present and just gave a bonus if you got them.

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WTF Fatshark…12missions @ various levels without a single scripture mission.