Map location continuity

This is a relatively minor thing and it may have been pointed out before but the mission select screen shows a holographic model of tertium with map icons pointing to the various locations of the action. The thing is the maps themselves take place in an actual location: “The Torrent”, “Throne Side”, “Chasm Terminus”, etc. But icons on the map screen seem to point to random locations on the Tertium model. You will often even see the same mission icon multiple times with different difficulties pointing to different areas of Tertium simultaneously. Presumably The Hourglass, for example, is a specific place that doesn’t move around. I would think that the icons for missions that take place there would always point to or hover over the specific location on the model where that zone exists.


I would like for this to be changed too. It’s a seemingly minor thing but for me it’s a bit immersion breaking. Are there really two different Hab Dreykos in different parts of the city, both of which have exactly the same layout and require the same investigation?

Honestly, I’d really like to see the mission board go away altogether, and replaced with selectable missions in the manner of VT2… But if you’re intent on keeping the mission board, at least making the locations consistent would be helpful for immersion’s sake.

I think they are trying to give the impression that the situation on Tertium is in flux and that not all areas need our attention all the time. I don’t think that would stop them from offering a separate map select screen in a menu where you could replay maps you’ve already visited. One thought I had was that, if they did that, they could add some encouragement to play the missions from the main selector screen. Like keeping a sort of running weekly score of who controls what areas. If the inquisition manages to knock heretic control of metal fab 36 down below some percentage, players could get increased plasteel that week as a result of restarting industrial production. Take control of the torrent, reduced corruption. And so on. In the ancient past when my friends and I played tabletop 40k we’d run campaigns that worked this way.

But regardless of where they intend to go with it it just seems odd to have all those mission icons floating randomly around the Tertium model