Current mission selector should be a chaos wastes-like section

I think chaos wastes have given a huge replay value and boost to vt2, and DT mission select system could be better that way.

I don’t think FS gonna start this nightmare from scratch honestly, but these timed events and special conditions could be implemented into an expedition-like line of missions.

There are not many maps also, especially half of them are the backwards version of an existing one with 1 or 2 different pathways, which could be also better in said system.

It would make some use a lot of the now useless weapons too, if missions have some system like exchange and temper weapon stations, somehow forcing players in a good and challenging way to use every kind of gear, with random stats. (not like this forced rng crap).

with less ammo, maybe with 3 mission expeditions, chest trials or sg, the origins are already exist.


I agree. Chaos Wastes was by far one of my favourite things in VT2, the universal praise of it from the vast majority of the fanbase really would make you think that they’d look to port it over or something.

The idea of working through Tertium from the outskirts, gathering intel to identify key areas, working our way in by disabling the anti-air of certain hotspots to fortify, to help fly us into the metal fabs or assassinate key targets based on what kind of intel we got. Picking up and having to use new weapons throughout…Really helps the idea of us being essentially a suicide squad and definitely gives more weight to the whole “you need to prove yourself” metric.

It would also be easier to incorporate story elements because then you can give players specific cued dialogue at certain points, rather than what we have now where most people are missing out on some key story elements because you have to play a specific map and hope that the conversation not only procs, but that it doesn’t get cut short, or that you were paying attention at the right time.


I don’t think the community being split by different game modes did VT 2 any favors, but the gauntlet runs of Chaos Wastes were interesting. DT maps can be pretty long though, not sure that mechanic would work as well here, but I also wouldn’t hate it.

I personally was hoping for something closer to the actual layout of DRG’s mission select map (and not the low quality knock off we have) where you select which sector of the city you want to play, the map zooms in or cuts away layers until you see your chosen biome with various missions available in different modifiers at your chosen difficulty.

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I can only talk from my personal experience with VT2.
If Chaos Wastes has not been introduced, I would got bored with the game much much sooner. Selecting specific maps or going quickplay for what? Emperor vaults with the possibility of red items. The expedition format gave it a huge excitement starting from zero, more challenging feeling with bosses (espacially grudged), the random boons with new abilities, and new potion variations. Not to mention getting more class specific talents. It gave a sense of progress and rewarding feeling, and the already mentioned welcomed randomness with weapons, properties and such. They perfected the deeds idea, which was a little dead from the beginning, bc you couldn’t play them via QP.
Btw DT needs some variant for potions or sg, seemed a little thing in VT, but the absence of it made a much greater hole in DT. Don’t know what would fit in the WH40k lore or the story concept.

Also I think VT has 20-30 mins maps, which is quite the same here.

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I was on the other side, I very rarely played Chaos Wastes and not a fan that it didn’t share progression.

I could imagine Chaos Waste style campagins being a worthwhile addition to the game. However atm we have what, 5 maps with some variants?

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I hate the roughlite in CW.
Just let us pick our gear, maps & modifiers, instead of having these idiotic RNG systems.

I liked chaos waste in VT2. But a game takes time. a lot compared to a classic game. and this point slowed me down to play this mode in VT2. Because you have to have time to spare and think that a failure doesn’t just ruin a game, but the whole progress from the beginning.
For someone like me who doesn’t have a lot of time to spare, I’d much rather play a 30 minute game than lose 1h-2h and be frustrated because it all ends in failure