Map feedback Enclavum / Comms-Plex

Hi like the title says it´s about the 2 latest maps:

Enclavum Baross

This mission is really great visually and the bridge in highly memorable. Overall i like also that the map is way more open in it´s nature and pathing. What i dislike is the end-event. Not because it´s easy, but because it´s lame in its design compared to the rest of the map. You click 3 buttons within 10s and then cuddle in a corner to survive until the landing-ship comes.

Based on how massiv and visually great this map is, it could need a real-bossfight. Not those “shield-bosses” we know from other maps, i mean something like the Lords from V2 with a bit of mechanical efford behind it. (Aka Spinemanglr or Bödvarr) Maybe a chaos-spacemarine?


While i´m fine with the current map-designs overall and that reusing some pathings is a great thing to get more missions in less time, i really dislike the first 25% of this map.
As i´ve written above, the bridge has a huge memory-effect. So you start Comms-Plex and be like “Ok, it´s Enclavum just the other way round.”
It just doesn´t feel great to play. It´s not that big of an issue in other zones like Khasma / Hab Dreyko, which use the same bridge aswell, but it´s not massive, not memorable as it is here.
Would be cool if there was a different pathing where we would actually look at the bridge and be like “Oh that´s the one from Enclavum.”

As next the first event isn´t great to deal with. The enemies spawn mostly only in one side of the room and all you do is staying there and waiting until it´s up again, meanwhile dealing with gunners behind defense. It´s pretty much the same event like you´ve in Khasma-trainstation, but there you´re surrounded, which has way more impact to the gameplay.
I would see that the event changes completely to make more use of the full room. Here again i would take advice from Vermintide. I guess something like the end-event from “The Blightreaper” would fit the library event in Comm-plex pretty well.

The next issue for me is the pathing after the first event… but seriously i think that´s highly opinion-based and while some maps are more “open”, other should be and stay more closed and linear.

So at last about its end event. Here again something we did way too often before, but it feels even worse (like the first event), because the map design isn´t that great at this point. Here again we´ve the same event like in Power Matrix?!, but there it´s way better done, the design looks and feels better etc…
How about you first have to hack the location at ONE panel WITHOUT interupts? And then you start to load a flak-cannon and destroy the gate which is between you and the extraction?
Just something that is different from what we normally do in other missions…