Make the Discard Grim controls different

There are still Noobs in the game and they think they can block with the grim and just ending up Discarding it and ruining the chance of getting better chests… please make the controls for discarding the grim complicated to prevent any more accidental discards of grims… oh and there are players who use the mouse scroll wheel to go through items and when they start to panic they try to mouse scroll wheel to their items fast and landing on the grim and they panic block and accidentally discarding the grim


Happened only once accidentaly but I agree it wouldn’t cost anything to have the release grim command be made by using the action key with maybe a little bar. Would prevent any accidental release.

when you start pressing right click it can say “PREPARING TO MAKE YOUR TEAMMATES HATE YOU” with a little loading bar below it


I think doing so should result in some powerful effect to make it an actual tactical decision. :smiley:

It is, regaining 33% hp. Some kind of horde/boss stun would be nice though.
Too bad fatshark didn’t follow qol standards.

I don’t think it’s just noobs. In V1 I remember having to hold RMB then press LMB. In V2 it’s too easy to toss a grim. Trying to use a bomb or quickscope? Good chance to toss that grim.


Yet many parties wipe while holding 2 grims.

That was only if you had the QOL mods installed, otherwise it was one left click and it’s gone. One of the first things I did in V1 and V2 was unbind mouse scroll for weapons swap.

That being said, I think the QOL mods had it right. On one hand it makes the grim super risky and easy to lose in a panic, on the other hand, it’s more annoying than challenging.

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Oh, gross. Yah I agree it should be as per QOL mod does it. It’s not realistic to have less control over ditching a grim than we do over throwing a grenade.

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It was even worse in V1, left clicking the grim (because you thought it was your medpack) or even trying to pick up a potion forgetting you had the grim would murder it xD


Bump. Add a 1-2 second channel to destroy grim! :slight_smile:

Make it 5 seconds and a BIG ass letter saying “DISCARDING GRIM”

Perhaps add a 3-second cast-timer to it and make it so you have to RMB+LMB+E to drop it instead of a push. I get that you’re ‘‘throwing it away’’ but ‘‘interacting with it’’ has the same effect and is most likely more difficult to accidentally press.

With the timer too short it won’t really have much noticeable effect if someone’s rushing something, with it too long you won’t be able to clutch drop it if for any reason you really have to, 2-3 seconds would probably be a reasonable middleground and 3 seconds would make it obvious when someone is griefing too.

yes but mainly because they lack curse resistance.

Personally I don’t have this problem. Got grenades assigned to MMB, potions to thumb MB and healing to second thumb MB. I don’t use the scroll at all and always draw what I need(unless I’m playing shade and xbow prevents me from swapping to anything.)

Sigh - I love those super awkward moments when you accidentally drop a grim when you are 75% into the mission and have to explain it to the rest of the group…

PS. I use scroll

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I use the number keys to select different items so usually I don’t have the problem, but there have been times where I was frantically trying to select 3 for healing item and accidentally hit 4… like @Eldyrus said, awwwwkward…


Just make discarding the grim a little bit longer than picking up the skittergate staff. A small progress bar that lasts 2-3 seconds like @Nova said.

How do any of you possibly drop grims? Ever since their change to LMB+RMB I have never dropped one on accident. I have to actually think about dropping it in order to drop it. Adding a channel time would be terrible. If I want it gone in a pinch, I want it gone. Which as it stands, happens exactly as I want. I don’t want to have to perform an exorcism to get rid of it just because other people spaz out and somehow hit LMB+RMB when they somehow pull it out.

In the future if they want to add a special “grim related hotkey” option in the options menu for hotkeys so that people can change how they get rid of it, I’m all for that. But don’t go doing silly nonsense like adding channel times and such. Only reason you would ever get rid of a grim is if that was really the only way to save a game(because maybe you’re the last man standing and need the utility pot in front of you).

Pro tip: don’t use mouse wheel to swap. Seriously, I honestly do highly suggest using 1,2,3,4,5 not only is it much faster but it helps a lot with avoiding the grim drop scenario, I think in around 800 total hours of v1 and v2 i’ve tossed 1 grim ever?

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