Drop Grimoire default social wheel fix? Poll / Vote

I don’t know how many times I’ve had a bot drop a grim because the default social wheel is “drop grimoire” when the stupid bots run in front of you. If Fatshark was approving mods, I’m sure someone would build something to fix this stupidity.

However, since Fatshark hasn’t approved mods in … forever, I’d suggest to change the default command to need a 2nd drop grim command. For example - default drop grim adds a 2nd part of social wheel to perform the drop.

Now, before we get the trolls on here about “well, just don’t do that” or “I’ve never done that cause I’m elite” or “don’t play with bots then” … keep in mind this is a suggestion to make the game better. If you have a complaint about why Fatshark shouldn’t fix this, then back it up with an actual reason why.

I know more then one player has accidently dropped grims because of this default social wheel. Who else thinks this should be fixed in the next patch or 2 ?

Fix social wheel grim drop? Poll / Vote
  • Fix social wheel to add a second command to complete the grim drop.
  • Don’t fix the social wheel so grims can be lost with one accidental click.

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Vormar Mishap

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I can see the merit in the fix you suggest. Presumaly it’s the first option so it can be asked in a clutch, with the minimum amount of hassle.

That being said, the occasions when tossing a grim in such a situation is helpful are way less then the times it’s lost by accident, so a change wouldn’t be bad.

But: I consider this a very low priority. This is because the times I’ve lost a grim this way are like 1/100th of the times I’ve lost it because the bot in question died. They make for poor grim recepients, period.
So (although the change itself would be good) I’d rather FS focused on the myriad things which are buggy/problematic atm: connectivity is bad, silent patrols are again a thing, face spawns, silent or sliding specials. The bug list is quite massive atm, and that’s not counting the things which need more work: beastmen, deeds, ideally a THP rework.

TL:DR: the suggestion itself is good, but its relevance is a bit low, and there’s more pressing changes to be made.


I’d swap any grim option on the social wheel for a simple “Sorry!”. Don’t know why this needs to be there in the first place except for giving bots commands.


I’d thought there would be more votes for this. Kind of strange.

Sticky grim doesn’t count for bots =p

I think a second command can feel clunky, but I do understand the underlying issue.
Wouldn’t having “drop grim” NOT be in the default position be a simpler fix, though ?

Also, it’s annoying that it is the only option that shows up when anyone walks in front of you, regardless of whether they’re carrying a grim or not…

Social wheel could use a small rework though… I’d like to see options like “Wait”, “Sorry” or “Heal this person” ( with bots responding to the latter).

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I didn’t vote because while I feel the need of fixing grim-related bot command, I want it to be fixed in a way that it can be performed quicker rather then slower.

If one is commanding bots to drop grims, that means that they are in a verge of wipe out. Drop command is already hard to utilize because you have to aim your bots precisely for it. I wouldn’t want to do it twice while I’m kinda busy saving teammates.

I wish there was a button assigned to ‘drop grim’ quick chat, which can be used without aiming at players, and when it’s asked towards bots they drop it immidiately. This way there won’t be a confusion between grim commands and other quick chats, and we will be able to use it with haste.

Talk about loaded questions in the poll…

anyway, … How high frequency is throwing the grim away by accident? After God-Knows how many hundred hours I think I’ve done it twice, maybe three times?

As I think most of the occasions when people chuck the grim by accident are as a result of being fat-fingered and going for a grenade and picking the grim instead, there’s always the option to rebind the “Wield Potion” button away from number 4 and put it on a letter like G or T.


This poll is about bot’s dropping the grim. (yes, loaded poll cause bots stand in front of player)

I agree that some players throw it by accident by selecting grim rather then grenade. (there used to be a mod “sticky grim” to prevent that) To bad mods haven’t been approved to fix some of these issues.

It’s ok, I know it can be confusing.

Specifically for this topic, it’s pretty difficult to throw a grim by accident these days. It takes a rather determined and prolonged press of the left mouse button to actually make the cursed thing shoo. Hence why the mod in question is no longer required. I guess you could run into this issue while holding on to a bomb for a good throw, but you’d probably figure you have the wrong thing out by then anyway.


aye, sticky grim added to vanilla game.

Sooo, back to topic about bots throwing grim. Example: player calls out a patrol and a bot is in front of them, social wheel automatically set to “drop grim” (which bot does without question or 2nd command.) Seems pretty stupid.

Hopefully that clears up the reason of the post and poll. Not sure why it’s hard to comprehend.

Changed my mind and voted simply because of hilarious loaded poll.


I’ve never needed that button in my life, but it still bothers me. Please remove it!

gasp someone got it…

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