Discarding grims should be less obtrusive

Grimores are one of the more dangerous items in the game, and the corruption it deal can cause a run to fail, but most players are unable to deal with the idea they will “lose points” and can become hostile if someone discards one, regardless of circumstances. But in spite of the toxic gameplay that is developed around them, they have a prolonged and obvious discard animation and for some reason announce their discard to the party.

Please for the sake of a healthy community remove the announcement the grim was discarded and make the animation less obvious, so that players holding the grims can do so when the situation calls for it without causing the group to turn hostile when running with strangers.


If grim corruption causes run to fail, it’s a skill issue. If you don’t like grims, don’t join a mission with grims. Don’t touch the grim, be in front of grim carriers, and stop trying to stack toughness if you can’t handle dying instantly without going down.

Fail the run once and you only failed the run; being a coward by ripping grim due to perceived difficulty and you’re a coward forever. Two grims leaves the team with 2 slots for health and ammopack, maybe learn to find them and use them more.

So first thing fatshark needs to fix is add something to keep the weak players out of grim-available missions. Such as an opt-out tickbox. Then fix Social menu so I get to block the noob after kicking him for ripping grim.

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Grim rewards still need a buff, I noticed the blessings on the orange weapons are terrible. I’ve gotten T4s on purple emperor drops but never orange despite having twice the opportunities to see them per drop. If the random carrying it doesn’t die, anyway.

The main purpose of grim is to make mission more fun.

They can remove the reward and I’ll still grab grims on damnation hi-intens.


Discarding grims actually cost me a clutch situation once. The animation is weird, I was convinced that I discarded the grim and went to pick a medkit dropped by a dead teammate. I couldn’t pick it up, got distracted and in the process died.