Make psyker have shotguns please

Give psyker shotguns too pleaaaaase


Expand on staves, not guns.

There are 3 gun wielding classes, let the only powers based one use its powers.


Why not both?
Ungate human weapons by class. Its never made any sense. Specialist types are fine to class gate.


Ungate certain weapon but certain have no reason to be on other classes, like the Thunderhammer

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2handers are zealot weapons for sure. Plasma is a vet weapon for sure. Lucius las and IMO accatran patterns should have been gated to him too. Psyker gets force stuff. Ogryn gets ogryn stuff. But everything else should be fair game. My death cultist should get dueling swords, and my commisar for that matter.


Lucius is gated for Vet already ?

The different exclusive weapons that should be more shared should be (Ideally it would have worked with the different classes each archetype would get but with the current system it’s not possible.):
Veteran: Heavy Swords, Duelling Sword, Crusher
Zealot: Power Sword (Ideally would have been on a Crusader class, could work if it get it’s own sub type of Power Swords), Duelling Swords (For Death Cult Assassin it would have worked
Psyker: Gain Shotgun

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bad punctuation on my part.

Vet shouldn’t get indy-crusher and zealot shouldn’t get munitorum brand power swords. Only a special power sword. Vet SHOULD get flamer.


This. Expand both. An enforcer without a shotgun is just a sad psyker >=


Slam on desk I want shotguns for psyker


Ice staff that throws shards of sharpened ice at the enemy. Make it so M1 is the blast and maybe M2 is forward moving ice spike the shoots yo from the ground.

Shame Force Guns ain’t a thing.

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Don’t stop there, tell them how you really feel, show some emotion!

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FATSHARK, im begging you to give us shotguns like what zealot/vet have >:]

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Technically there are but its a grey knights thing.


I would like the opposite. Take all the guns away and add a ton of new staves to the psyker. Not all have to be jack of all traits staves, a lot of situational ones would be great for variety.

I’m all in favour of having at least some generic shotgun.
Classes should have their uniques, and they do, but more variety is rarely a bad thing.
For Psyker, I’d love a laspistol that could get force block, or laspistol with a staff, or an autopistol with psy-focus that can conjure up extra projectiles for suppression - Psyker stuff, but with guns.
Likewise, while I like the uniques, I can see how roleplaying as a Commisar requires a sabre or rapier, and the dueling swords fit the bill.
I’m not deep into WH lore (that’d probably just create headaches), but I accept it’s existence - still, creating a reskin of a weapon, changing a few stats so it plays slightly different, possibly in a specific niche, and then giving it to another class sounds like easy content for Fatshark.

My concern is with how bad crafting is. If you add all the human weapons it dilutes the loot table if you’re specifically only interested in “staff” psyker… which is the left and middle tree mostly. Personally, since I play all 4 classes, I refuse to use guns on psyker and it’s already insufferable seeing all the weapons I don’t care for.

If they redid the rotating shops, emperors gifts, and/or crafting in general, the more the merrier.


I was the same until I gave gunpsyker a try. Take the pill brother. It’s like playing a zealot on crack with chastise the wicked constantly up. You become speed. And you also go down to 2 strikes, which makes it even more fun due to the adrenaline.

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I mostly save up my money and just spambuy at brunts do i don’t see this as a real problem. Dilite my pool harder, i want variety.

Grey Knights are spoiled kids.

If the Imperium didn’t spend so much time yeeting psykers into the Golden Throne and moaning about tech-heresey they probably would have figured out putting a psi-convector in a shotgun and letting psykers infuse their ammo would let them have human-sized psycannons :triumph: