Should Psyker get Access to Shotguns?

i love the Psyker BUT,… it doesnt have access to allot of rifles let alone hard hitting ones.
the only Anti-Armor weapon it seems to have is the Revolver, so why not let us use Shotguns?
im loving the shotguns, and i think it would add another layer to Psyker without going overboard.

and yes i know the Psyker has access to the Staffs, but i enjoy GunPsyker.
i just with their were more options, and i know asking for the Bolter would get shot down.
no pun intended, :slight_smile:

Thoughts Comments Concnerns


Not until you give your Voidstrike staff to my Vet. Can’t wait to trigger surge on every charge shot. :yum:

sadly i dont know how this would be possible, BUTTTT

Shock Stave?

House of Van Saar, known as the House of Artifice,
one of the six main gangs in the city of Hive Primus on the planet of Necromunda.

Can we (vets) have access to the Duelling Swords?

I love the shotguns as well, I’m all for psykers having access.

I don’t know enough about 40k lore to know whether or not it’s the root of these exclusions.


Probably just me who sees the different characters as a chance to play a completely different style?

I play psyker. I want to play with a staff and illisi.
Zealot. Shotgun or flamer with sword/hammer/knife.
Vet. Kantrael Xii/w/ever and axe.
Ogryn. Ripper and club, maybe even shield (why are heavy attacks still so sh1t3 vs lights?).

It’s great that the choices are there. But I like that there are enforced differences. It encourages alts, and the learning of alts, vs levelling one character to 700 … !

I think that they should. Only very few weapons should be limited in my view. Like plasma for vets and 2h melee for zealots, psychic stuff for psykers. Basic mass manufactured gear should be for everyone.

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Psyker used to have shotguns, I miss that beta. Was a good compliment to BB. Anyway there are lots of dumb weapon restrictions. Duelling swords not being avaliable to the guardsman/officer character is easily one of my biggest eye rolls. And if my Priest still clings to the holy relic that is his entrenching tool that should be his business.

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I wish… that would be fun as hell

Oh if I only could use the enforcer armor (already in the game) with my enforcer psyker, alongside the Lawbringer shotgun…

I wish the lawbringer had a special of flechettes or 000 buck or something to make it more interesting

Yeah, also those guys have a (almost) completly working STC that creates items that leak huge amounts of radiation, sooo…
Also iirc Shock Stave is just a melee weapon. Basically a overcharged tazer stick.

awe, dam, but still would be cool,
maybe give it a short range? like Psyker Surge Staff but with half range?

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