Tired of making 3 of the same weapon for my Psyker, Zealot, and Vet

Please make common weapons shared between characters. Can’t believe this still isn’t a thing.

Having to make 3 of the same weapon is cumbersome, tedious, and frustrating.



Don’t you just feel so retained right now though?

I know why it isn’t a thing.


I would be so happy to have the common weapons to be shared between characters… it would allow me to actually diversify my gear because I could focus on class-specific weapons to gear up and mess around with (or even just other marks of equipment to actually experiment with)…


Talking to my friend on Discord at the moment and we both agree, if you can use a weapon on any other character it should just be usable. Why can I not use my crit tac axe from my zealot on my Psyker or Vet? Is it too Inquisitorial for their profane hands?


Yeah this should have been a thing with the account wallet. Then there’s trashy weapons they expect you to build multiple of like las pistol.


Agree with the proposal…

Doubt it will happen, but I really would like this…

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Bigger issue is that the best blessings outclass all of the others once you look at the numbers. You shouldn’t want to have the same weapon with the same blessings on three different classes.


Yes please. The irony is not lost on me that my Psyker has my best rolled melee weapons. >.<


Sad ogryn noises

And here I am going out of my way to make sure none of the 3~4 builds I use on any character use any weapon that any other character uses.

I don’t use any weapon on one character that I do on others :person_shrugging:
Illisi + Staff (P), Knife + Pistol (Z), Axe + Columnus/Shotfun (V), and ofc (O) has bespoke anyway.

I like to try and play each of them in their own role, rather than stamp a single way of playing and replicate it with different bonuses. That’s just my choice of course, I’m not saying that’s right.

Would I like to be able to transfer weapons between characters though? Yeah! Damn right. I’ve some wicked melee weapons on my Psyker that I’m not going to use there. And if I actually liked gun-psyker, I’d be very well kitted out! Shame I can’t pass them across to my vet.

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