Make Heroic Deeds allow for 8-man raids

I am a relatively new player (last 60 days.) I have owned the game since it came out, but I didn’t really touch it. What got me to reinstall was discovering the 8-player and 15-player mods that allow more people to play beyond the traditional 4.

specifically watching Ishka play with it on Twitch. It looked like a lot of fun.

This was awesome, and my friends reinstalled the game to give it a try. However, they all stopped playing when they discovered that the 8-player mod didn’t give any rewards.

Most recently I discovered Heroic Deeds, and failed to see a point to them.

So I guess this is a two part suggestion, which is allow Heroic Deeds to be the 8-player mode. It would be perfect. It would be an intrinsic motive for people to wanna play with their friends and do these as raids.

The second part is, to allow Heroic Deeds to have unique names…at the moment in theory… their are 504 Heroic Deeds. These should be collectable.

I think the combination of having collectable Heroic Deeds, and it being the mode in which you can have 8-players and allow XP and Rewards to be earned would be popular and something a lot of players would be interested in.


Haha, I remember there was a mod like that for L4D2, also. I think it was something like a 32 man raid, which I remember was a lot of, but, I think this is only something we can hope to expect in a fan made addon =P

I know their is a 8 and 15 player mod add-on, but I wish FatShark would sanction the 8-player mod under some kind of difficulty. I thought the Heroic Deeds would be perfect for it.

Like the idea, but they would have to create it themselve (or working with the mod creator). Sanctionning the mod would mean that those who don’t have it installed couldn’t play deeds, and that’s a whole part of the core game.

But yeah even if it doesn’t come with deeds, and it’s TOTALLY OFF-LORE as we have duplicate character, I’d love to see raids actually implemented :slight_smile:

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