Add New Heroic Deed

I only got 3 so far and have only played another five from other players, so maybe the one I suggest is already in the game. Despite the majority of the Deeds I’ve seen being for “Into the Nest” I say you should totally add “Heroic Deed - Defend the Keep (Legendary)” to the list of obtainable Deeds. You could either make it:

  • A 15 minute On-Slaught-festival
  • A mini-mission where you have to recover the different parts of the Inn all attacked by one of the 4 mini-bosses
  • A mission similar to the Trial of the Fools where you have to gather different ingredients for Olesya to make a spell

All of this is under the assumption that such a thing is not already planned for a later DLC as it has been for Waylaid and the Inn in Vermintide 1.

A general thread for a change in obtained Deed rewards can be found here:

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