Make Every Shot count

Please change this “achievement”

Nobody likes it.

Why make your game less fun?

Everyone I’ve spoken too has cheated to get it.

It makes you frustrated with your team if they block your shots or ks you at the last second and destroys the whole point in playing a co-op team game. I don’t want to hate my ogryn friends for having a giant A$$ or the hyperactive zelot/psyker who likes to dance around in my scope while im lining up a shot.


use a plasma gun. makes it pretty easy


I will try it ty

you still are a detriment to the team using the plasma gun. same with revolver, also pretty simple to do the penance with… if your team mates can carry you.

Question, how do you cheat it?

As for my tips, as above mentioned.
Plasma gun is best due to low ammo count, multiple ammo depletion on charge and it’s bigger hitbox.
For map I suggest the smelter map. At the end there are only 4 ragers that spawn in the last stand-off horde. After those are dead you can’t get any more “random” ammo by teammates killing a special at the end. You also have a long straight hallway with horde constantly running down.

Very easy to deplete the rest of the ammo there without worrying you might miss because a teammate killed the enemy because there are most likely multiple of them behind said enemy.

you can cheat it by closing the game at the end and relog, count starts new and you can safely shoot your mag empty. if you have a team thats fine with waiting. same with the not get hit achievement.

Yeah, I got that no-hit during the BETA. Though I don’t think that works anymore since the penance says “Full-mission” now which it didn’t before. But who knows, maybe it’s bugged and still cheeseable.

Glad I didn’t have to empty my entire mag at the end though. Thanks for the answer.

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they need to fix all teh cheats and exploits then reset everyones cosmetics so people can actually have some pride in wearing htem rather than everyone assume there just cheating little d bags

Imagine being prideful of an achievement that tags you as a detriment to the team.


practicing and going a whole match without missing would be an achievement, worth being proud of imo.

but imagine being the type of tperson that cant put the work in nut up and do something properly , if its beyond them they have to weasel and cheat and beg for it be made easier. rather than just have it as something to work towards.

im ok with being proud of earning something that requires hard work and practrice. i hope your attitude serves you as well.

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Yeah, agreed. That penance is absolutely brutal.
Based whoever got it without setting matches up just for penance hunting.

ive been playing since beta day 1 nonstop and already have 150 hours on the game, most of them with sharpshooter. personally, doing the achievement legit is basically impossible, lag and finesse of an enemy hitbox getting right out of your line of sight when trying a follow-up shot, or that happening unpredictably when a team-mate shoots the foe aside. it has to also be done on heresy which is already broken and ridiculous.

its a bad penance and the requirements tells me fatshark is out of touch with their own gameplay loop

edit: the info above isnt my whole complaint, ill elaborate more

above points combined with:
-sharpshooters free ammo on special kill perk sneaking up on you when doing something else (this happens because friends in coherency give you ammo too when they kill a special). i can’t begin to tell you how easy it is to set and forget when it comes to fighting other foes with your melee and OOPS guess i have to do the whole song and dance of potentially missing even one shot with the same risks as mentioned above with you or other players making an enemy jostle out of the way when they get shot.

it is the incessant loop of going back and forth of putting the whole penance on the line without any input from you, and if you so much as have 1 shot left or miss one round, its over. this peneance is bloody awful and it either needs to be made slightly easier (seriously, if it were 90% accuracy requirement none of my complaints would apply because of the margin of error allowing me to miss at least one or two, or dump my mag if i have to in a boss or horde or something near the end) or rework the penance altogether. its bad, FatShark


I feel your pain mate, my average accuracy is pretty decent I expect I don’t miss much but 100% pft

Im not as good as shroud m9… im only human

I agree but in this game at that difficulty with 3 other people all running around pretending to be John Rambo glitchy mob movement, lag, dodgy hit boxes etc no it wont make me feel good to complete it just relieved its over. Then it will be changed to make it easier and I will feel angry lol.

Going a whole round without getting hit was a fun challenge. I enjoyed that one it made me play more like a member of a swat team or a sniper or something like that always checking behind us as we moved through the level got a good group randomly (the only way I play btw) and we all had a good round was fun. Shame this one is just that little bit too hard to achieve the same way.

I’ll keep trying atm im using the shotgun while i wait for a plasma gun to appear in the shop.

Wish me luck, going to need it :smiley:


What constitutes doing it properly? I did it properly without “DC”, but I still gamed it.
By shooting as little as possible at obvious moments where I can’t miss, or reduce the chances of it heavily.

Should I have it reset?

Also, I don’t have “Pride” in completing any of the challenges. I just want the cosmetic and I like doing things if it’s something that you can do and it’s tracked. Completionist and all that.
Feels like obvious projection on the pride bit. Think MOST don’t care about pride to show other players they’ve done it and they just want it because it’s often the most detailed cosmetic you can get.

The penance is MADE to be gamed. I can’t use my 1000+ ammo lasgun and expect to complete this by making, what? 1000+ shots with 100% accuracy, excluding ammo I get from specials dying . So even more shots than that.

No, it’s made so you take the one with the least amount of ammo and then DON’T pick up any ammo crates. Which is why it’s a bad penance. Because it promotes bad play and doesn’t encourage good play, which is having a high accuracy and using plenty of ammo as a Vet. It’s the antithesis of skill.

As @SirGoober mentioned. Just having the penance at around 90% accuracy would actually PROMOTE good play. And if it’s tracked, so you can actually see your current accuracy you can see if you need to pick up more ammo and hit those shots because you are currently under 90%. It’s not perfect, but it promotes using ammo if you are below the threshold and I would spend more ammo when I’m above 90% because I can rectify it if I miss a few shots.


average sharpshooter when he clicks and suddenly his screen freezes, a red laz-beam coming from his teammate on the already weak foe he just tried to shoot (it is his 18543831441853411’th attempt)


i know ive used this meme before but-

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The penance for not being hit yeah hard but doable … but trying to do the “every shot counts” & missing one because of “lag alike thing” or someone staggered that enemy to roll on the ground or just deleted it with bolter or etc…

Tried like 30 missions & “one miss” by above make it go "puff " try again… & you know what whoever was the one that made that penance must have some brain issues when doing so.

Tried with shotgun with 25% ammo count & plasma also with low ammo count. Really I will start just exciting games that I miss & “team?”[what team we dont have teams in this game the most of them are “mute bots” just slightly different not like in Vermintide where at least 70% of people was using voice communication & tagging] that I will play with & all others & my time that I will probably waste for doing that.

Everything in all those stupid penances for different classes will be for sure counted on revive of the game.
That will be probably my first time when I will give bad revive to a game… on top of all damn FS why it must be your game? why…

I played almost 5k hours of V2 & there was no problem there with achievements even the hard ones were possible to do but here… not only this , lack of weapon variants[dont count re-skins or slightly different types… not to mention weapons that are missing.

Really disappointed on the game for now… let it be like Cyberpunk… let it be “repaired” in time.


I completely agree.
The person who came up with this achievement and the On Overwatch achievement must be forced to complete it with randoms in 10 attempts, or take away a salary for 2 months


you can be a detriment to your team with any weapon…or not

all in how you use it. If you have a power sword you can more than do you part

Plasma has a specific job to do. And as for landing your hits if you are worried about your accuracy just fire it straight into a hoard…will hit everything in its path. Use the last of your ammo on the trash chasing you just before you leave the scenario

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