Macro RNG?

So instead of rolling per weapon/per purchase.

How’s the thought of displaying an entire inventory of stock of a certain category (as how you see Brunt’s blues and greens) of profane weapons?

For instance, you want to browse profane Columnus rifles. You get a list of profaned ones with stats for you to choose from (as chosen by RNG) and instead of rolling per rifle, you roll for an entire selection. So instead of the 1:1 ratio, you roll 1:20?

Just a thought, donno how feasible it is.


It’ll depend on a few things.

  • Do you pay a cost to view the selection? (for example, the cost of the grey shop is the docket price and the loss of information on the weapon stats).
  • If there is a cost to show you the items, what is the cost relative to buying 20 items from Brunt’s?
  • What is the cost of buying the one you want from this system relative to buying it from the grey or timed shop?
  • Does the selection persist until you reroll? Does it go away when you leave the selection screen?
  • Is the weapon rating bounding the same or better than the grey shop?
  • Are there any non-resource restrictions around this system? (eg. time)

Having more information about the thing before you buy it is an improvement, but there are still a lot of factors that would affect if it would be an improvement or not.

Even putting in an option to manually reroll the normal armoury exchange (for a cost, with some limits) would be a significant improvement too.


Ideally, it’d be like you pay for a new “shipment” in which it’s like I donno, scaling like cycling contracts with Melk. You’re driving up the demand and price for more weapon shipments of salvage. You get to view all the ones that are in that “shipment” and can purchase as many from that as you please (base price of buying one).
Selection would ideally persist for 60m after leaving window or until you choose to roll again. So, it’s something you can do for as long as you have the gold for. Otherwise, it cycles automatically every 60m regardless of whether you check or not (if it is an unpaid shipment.) The idea behind every 60m regardless is not to lock players into checking every sixty minutes, but to give them more leisure to roll when they want to or if they don’t have the dockets. You could also ask Brunt for no more shipments. So he won’t refresh you until you ask him to. Potentially, this could be a passive docket gain.

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While this would be an improvement, it still wouldn’t make me love the crafting system. Again maybe if there was a way to increase the floor base ratings higher I would like it a lot more.

Currently I have a mod that batch buys weapons in 10s and automatically scraps anything that is below 360, which is similar to what you suggest although probably more expensive on the docket side.

And while saving me a lot of time, it’s still annoying spending a ton of dockets hoping to see or get something you want, and when you do get a base weapon you want hoping that it will get good upgrades from Hadron.


Oh boy, 19 free pulls on the slot machine? It’s almost like I’m not using a slot machine anymore! Almost.


If a “new batch” of an item type gives you, say, 20 outcomes, of which (per my own experience) maybe 1 will be a good base for upgrading, this results in less inventory management, but no change to the RNG. This, assuming the resource values for a “new batch” and scrapping the discards, are the same.

How much the generator spins, how many results you get to see and how many of those are usable bases, are not correlated. The end result will be the same, but quicker.

So, not a bad idea, but as a general direction of improving bases, I’d put my faith on increasing the general base level of all greys by 1 for every lvl over 30. With this you will be rewarded for sticking it out, while the grind is still there. It provides an “end game” to the crafting, while still keeping some RNG in there, if we must.

To this, add a Stat Refinement system, where you link two stats and shift % from one to the other. Manage it however makes sense, but alongside with the above, will give a deterministic end to the RNG nonsense.

Oh, and, remove locks for a price. I’m 100% against them, but if we MUST have SOME RNG, keep them until resources are spent to break them… fine!

So, with these 3 you can still get lucky or unlucky, but with some decent and conceivable play time you can deterministically craft what you’re aiming. With this you can also apply strategies to resource management and mission types, instead of… not, which is what the system atm suggests. And, it’ll make build-crafting (and YT content creation :smiley: ) much more enjoyable.


I would be for this if it capped at 370 I think what I value is diminishing returns

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Hell I would be for it if it capped at 360, just something higher than we have now.

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How about we take the RNG and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

I think this is a gold medal idea.


Your idea is noted, thanks for participating!

(I changed what he wrote. I am writing this as someone felt the need to point it out?)

Hey man that’s not what he wrote you changed it

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Awww, thanks buddy!

It’s really that easy, huh?

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Good observation!

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