QoL features for Brunt's Armoury

the intended gameplay loop of this new system is clearly buy a bunch of profane items hoping for a 370+ one, which is fine. but what it needs quite badly is a single button after you buy an item that says “Would you like to keep this, or resell it?” so the player can dump all the terrible rolls they get.

i would also suggest that it would have been better calibrating it for a higher ordo cost with a higher range than a lower cost and lower range, just for reasons of simplicity (you could still do this, give an option that costs 5x as much but outputs good items 5x as often eg). but this makes it more accessible to fresh level 30 characters i suppose, so implementing the above would make things muuuuuch easier.

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I’d imagine there is a high chance for mods to address issues like this (keep or resell thing)

No, this is not fine, this is yet another layer of RNG. As if we didn’t have enough.

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to add to this… why remove some sorting features!? where sorting wasnt at its best but now its worse you can sort by rarity and type but no ascending/descending… I begin to question do the people who make these changes play games?! (surely it takes more work to remove something than leaving it be?!)

Also it would be very nice if you could see the essentials of a weapon in Brunts Armoury … i dont know the differences between mk IV autogun and mk XXI or whatever and when you start out and want to experiment with different types of weapons, you cannot tell them apart like in the requisitorium where you at least could inspect the weapons that are on sale rightnow. Also internet yields no satisfiyng results for what weapons do insted of the obvious. Preview would be nice too … to maybe look for the weapon that looks nicer.

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