Brunts & armory repuration system

please add brunts and armory reputation system so that:

  • for each spent 100k you get reputation point
  • 50 points is max, hence it takes 5mln to get there
  • each reputation point increases the min item rank store can offer (at reputations level 50, min rank would be 360)

this will mean that both stores will offer reasonable quality items if u spend some time crafing, this will be implied reward system for using these otherwise predatory stores

//idea copied from minecraft, there each vendor is implemented with system like this

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An other suggestion that would improve the current situation, but would absolutely not be needed if we had a good crafting system.


you know you won’t get what you want…

So, any proposition that could ameliorate the situation and could be implemented in the game (ie… the ones that don’t remove locks) is interesting.
Considering the fact that Brunt’s armoury is absolutely a waste of money, I would like such system…

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that was my way of thinking, if locks are to stay then maybe we could get some ease at getting gray weapons at least:

since release of crafting feature there were adjustments to:

  • lowered needed pastel to craft
  • nearly doubled the amount of pastel per run
  • incrased base of brunts items to 310 from 270
  • getting better emp gifts

so this proposal might be inline with incremental adjustments to crafting system without starting a revolution :wink:

Yeah, we are so used to terrible game systems (like the mission select and crafting) people come up with a lot of half solutions, prolonging grind to solve a problem instead of actually just solving it etc.

I’m not sure what all plays into this (e.g., Trust Level, current Item Level, etc.), but my range is between 300-379 (this being the ceiling/floor I’ve seen).

I’m not sure if you can attain level 380s (I have close to 60 of them) from Brunt, 95% of mine came from the Requisition Weapons & Curios store, the other 5% from Melk’s Limited Time Acquisitions.

Emperor gifts have improved, at least you get one every mission now - they generally aren’t great, but better than a kick in the donglies. :slight_smile: