Lucius lasgun need scope!

If gun customization isn’t ready, pls put scop even on 1 model or let us farm it. This gun need scope!!


Scopes are Chaos technology, don’t you know? That’s why so many of our guns are stuck with crappy ironsights with perfectly good picatinny rails on top lol

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Found Lucius pattern pretty much unusable on anything but close range because of those ironsights and constant sway this gun has, even without any suppression on you.

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Which is unfortunate because it actually does around 20% less damage at close range.

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the sway of the gun is so awful.

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I wonder if the same’s applied to the bayonet attack it has also.

Lucius lasgun can penetrate armor when other lasguns can’t

I’d be happy with better ironsights.

Not enough to make up for it’s other faults. The MkXII wrecks everything but Crushers and comes with a better sight and higher DPS.

A scope that doesn’t show on the model to 3rd parties would be fine. Call it a holo retina projection provided by the tech priest on the Mourningstar.

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