Lucius Helbore Las Rifle Fix

Hello everybody! So I think most people on the forum here agree the lucius helbore needs some love and I have some ideas.


  • Remove the first shot delay ie. Add a slight delay before the rifle begins to charge( right now the rifle starts to instantly charge when you click to shoot which makes your first shot delayed by a second or two as the rifle will not fire until it has built a tiny charge, which is fine when you are spamming las shots from the hip however a delay on a first shot is terrible for a rifle meant to be a sniper / DMR, especially when your first shot is the most important and with how chaotic battle is, trying to fight an odd shot delay on top of everything else really sucks.


  • Rename it the Infantry variant, remove charge up completely.
  • Least amount of damage for any lucius pattern las ( still more damage than other las rifle patterns )
  • highest fire rate ( for lucius patterns, still slower than the rest of the las rifles in game )
  • keep the Iron site as youll be in closer combat than the following two variants.


  • Rename it the DMR variant
  • keep charge ability ( however as mentioned above remove first shot delay )
  • more damage than Infantry variant, less than marksmen variant
  • shoots slower than Infantry, Faster than marksmen
  • Give it the red dot site that the two other las rifles have


  • Rename it the marksmen variant
  • keep charge ability ( however as mentioned, remove first shot delay as it is crucial for a marksmen rifle to fire as soon as you click )
  • Most damage of the three variants
  • Shoots the slowest of the three variants
  • Give it some sort of optic with a zoom

I think that this would take the lucius from being the worst las rifle in the game, to something that people would actually use. I love this rifle, Ive tried to force myself to use it in game because I want so badly for it to be good however i Just cant be bothered right now as it is simply a bad rifle IMO.

All that being said I Love the game and will play it for a long time to come, I just really really really hope that Ill be able to use the lucius pattern for most of my time in game because as of right now its just pretty to look at.

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