Suggested changes to improve Lucius Helbore Lasgun

The Lucius Helbore Lasguns should fill a DMR (designated marksman rifle) role in game. The Lucius Lasguns should have their base damage increased to half that of the charge shot, this will help them compete with the Kantrael Lasguns. They also need some Type of sight or low power optic to improve target acquisition. These changes would make it so that all three lasgun types (Recon, Kantreal, and Lucius) will fill different roles in game. As it is now the Lucius is over shadowed by the Kantrael MG XII in almost every way.


Took it in heresy. Did lot of good eliminations. However, I feel I was not with a weapon usefull for the group. I coud have done better with several other guns.

I have been using the MK3 for quite some time now (base modifier of 378 and some good perks/blessings).

Even in damnation it can be great. What it needs is a balanced team though. If you have another veteran constantly stealing your kills while you need to charge every shot in your ult can not only be really annoying, but detrimental to actually keeping your ult up and mark every enemy for your team.
Also it can be quite ammo hungry. So one less person taking ammo helps a lot. (also I think its ammo count is bugged as it has the highest damage of the 3 MKs, but not the lowest ammo count; so this would be even worse in the case they fix it)

If you have a balanced team then it can be a great weapon as it can one-shot most enemies with headshots and also two-shot reapers with ult. Not quite sure about crushers, but I think 2 charged headshots as well. Not 100% sure though.

That being said: Gimme a scope. It really needs it. Also the delay on the MK3s melee attack is annoying, it should be faster. (rise up, wait 1 sec, hit enemy; why the wait in there?)

I also used the MG XII a lot before switching to the Hellbore. It really changes the gameplay from spamming shots on enemies to actually picking targets like a sharpshooter.

They need better sights, that’s for sure. Even if they don’t have scopes, they at least need tritium dots on the ironsights. On the darker maps it can be near impossible to actually see the irons for a lot of the map. There’s also no reason for the equip delay compared to kantreal.

Further the uncharged damage across all three models is close to identical, while the ammo cost for uncharged is wildly different. This makes no sense.


What if they simply just removed the charge mechanic all together and made the weapon use that stat line as the base stats. They could adjust the fire rate of all three to fallow the same slow, medium, and fast as the other lasgun types. Doing this would make them the slowest firing but hardest hitting lasguns, more like a DMR. Yes, this would have the mk 3 in the same damage range as a bolter but without the crazy penetration and AOE effect. This would bring the Lusius more in line with is lore counterpart that is said to hit harder than normal lasguns at the cost of fire rate and ammo efficiency. They could then replace the charge rate stat with something like bayonet damage maybe.

It’s basically garbage right now. It needs a scope, a monstrous damage increase and a stability perk.

Damage wise the MK3 with a good damage and stopping power roll feels pretty on point. But the lack of an optic on whats basically a DMR rifle is a bit baffling.

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The problem with the Mk3 is the insane ammo cost for uncharged shots, and those uncharged shots being very weak. It means taking out a room of 40 shooters not only consumes a lot of ammo, but requires a lot of reloads, and reloads get you and your team killed.

Not to mention that a MkII will charge way faster and probably actually have a lot higher actual DPM, while consuming less ammo and requiring a lot less reloads.

The sights and long equip time are what really hold them all back, though.

  1. Needs faster weapon readying, 2 seconds to pull out a gun is too much.

  2. Needs Better Ironsight or Scope.

  3. Needs Ammo buff or Less Ammo Consumption.

  4. Needs Slight Reduced Sway.

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I’d love it!
Would make the meelee alt at least a little bit useful!
AND it feels sooooo Krieg, even though it’s no shovel!
I’d love to do a bayonet-charge in Krieg-cosmetics :slight_smile:
But it should be a bayonet-stab with all MKs … who would slash/hack with a bayonet? It’s for stabing. Skashing could damage your barrel …

I think this is one of the examples where you need to take a step away from fluff/lore.
The Krieg-Minis do not have scopes or some special sights, I guess that’s the reason for the current design, it’s just lore-accurate. But this does not help this game.
Give it an ACOG-like scope-sth. and fix it lorewise to be a Krieg-Grenadier-Sniper-Special-Weapon. I mean the Krieg are all about trench warfare, some snipers to kill high value targets would fit the setting and fix this game!

I may have found a good iron sight rework for the Lucius that would improve the sight picture while also keeping the WW1 aesthetic of the design.

Something like this maybe, but a little more open with thinner sides.

We’re not fighting in trenches, let’s slap some sights on those bad boys. It’s the only thing holding them back imo. They’re usable but not very enjoyable right now.

needs a scope or not worth using

I would be fine with a red dot / holo sight like the other lasgun, anything is better than what it has now. Other than the bad sights, the base damage values also need some help.

Charging up is actually my favourite part if the helbore and shouldn’t be messed with.

1 is ok
2 is great on malice or lower since its a one shot body shot unlimited ammo machine.
3 is great it heresy + but it’s got the problem of taking so much ammo you leave nothing for your team making the XII way better. Also the poker sucks give it the 2 poke.

I’m okay with the base values personally since the weapon also is fairly stable and has stronger armor pen.

So in conclusion it seems most will agree that what the Lusius needs is

1: better handling
2: better sights (iron sights like the recon lasgun, or optic like the infantry lasgun or las pistol)
3: better mag size/reserves like that of the other two lasgun types (they all use the same las pack)
4: better bayonet attack, maybe just an actual running bayonet charge for more damage

Have I missed anything?

I think the mk1 and mk2 have pretty decent bayonet attacks, its just the mk3 that has an awkward and slow swing as its bayonet attack.

Perhaps an increase in charge speed as well, nothing to serious, but enough to stop the gun from being completely hamstrung because your charge stat just happened to roll low.