Lucius pattern las

Hey everyone! So I would really love to use the Lucius pattern Las rifle as my main weapon as it would allow me to live out my krieg guardsmen dreams, however I have an issue with the rifle.

Im very aware that it is meant to be the slower firing / higher damage rifle compared to the others and that its charge up ability is a qwerk to that rifle, however because of the charge up ability your first shot has almost a one or two second delay when clicking the mouse before the shot fires, this makes it near impossible to hit anything with your first shot as the rifle automatically begins to charge the moment you click the mouse and your shot wont leave the barrel until it has charge up a bit.

I was wondering if it would be possible to maybe add just the smallest delay to the charge up engaging, that way you could take quicker shots as you wouldnt be dealing with that immediate charge up delay as long as you are quickly tapping shoot, and for anybody charging their shot they are probably already in a position where a small delay to the charge up wouldnt affect them anyways.



That might be a different issue as I used the lucius and could tap fire without any problems.

Maybe there’s multiple variants and yours is high damage and lower fire rate?

I really like the charged shot even halfway charged hits harder than other lasguns.

I have a lot of issues with the Lucius, I made a thread a while back about this:

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There’s 3 different Mks of lucius: Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3. If you want the one that fires the fastest and charges the fastest (and also has insanely high hipfire accuracy) use the MK2. I prefer the MK3 for the slower, far more damage for shot. The Mk1 is the versatile one of the 3. The Mk3 also has better iron sights I find.

Thanks for all the feedback guys, ive tried the mkI mkII and mkIII and my main issues with each is there seems to a slighy delay on your first shot, if firing individually. The delay doesnt seem to engage on the follow up shots.

I suspect it’s because the game registers that first shot as “charging” so it comes out slower than the followups.

This and the fact it has the worst sights of all three kinds of lasguns is why I tried it once and never looked back.

The delay on firing for that first shot, or subsequent shots where you maybe held it a fraction of a second too long, and a sniper weapon that doesn’t have a scope, put the Lucius at the bottom of my list. I can snipe better and kill faster with the Recon Lasgun.

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Yeah that shot delay just kills the weapon for me, no matter how quickly i click it always trys to charge immediately :confused: if they just added a SLIGHT delay to the charge beginning it would be so much better imo

It might not be your preferred type of lasgun.

I think theres a total of 15 different lasguns in game as every variant has 3

In addition to 15, different stat rolls can change the damage and total ammo.

I personally like the charge mechanic and I don’t plan on ever needing to rapid fire it as thats just a waste of ammo bc the recoil will inevitably make some shots fall off target at max fire rate.

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