Lucius pattern las

Hey everyone! So I would really love to use the Lucius pattern Las rifle as my main weapon as it would allow me to live out my krieg guardsmen dreams, however I have an issue with the rifle.

Im very aware that it is meant to be the slower firing / higher damage rifle compared to the others and that its charge up ability is a qwerk to that rifle, however because of the charge up ability your first shot has almost a one or two second delay when clicking the mouse before the shot fires, this makes it near impossible to hit anything with your first shot as the rifle automatically begins to charge the moment you click the mouse and your shot wont leave the barrel until it has charge up a bit.

I was wondering if it would be possible to maybe add just the smallest delay to the charge up engaging, that way you could take quicker shots as you wouldnt be dealing with that immediate charge up delay as long as you are quickly tapping shoot, and for anybody charging their shot they are probably already in a position where a small delay to the charge up wouldnt affect them anyways.



That might be a different issue as I used the lucius and could tap fire without any problems.

Maybe there’s multiple variants and yours is high damage and lower fire rate?

I really like the charged shot even halfway charged hits harder than other lasguns.

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I have a lot of issues with the Lucius, I made a thread a while back about this:


There’s 3 different Mks of lucius: Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3. If you want the one that fires the fastest and charges the fastest (and also has insanely high hipfire accuracy) use the MK2. I prefer the MK3 for the slower, far more damage for shot. The Mk1 is the versatile one of the 3. The Mk3 also has better iron sights I find.

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Thanks for all the feedback guys, ive tried the mkI mkII and mkIII and my main issues with each is there seems to a slighy delay on your first shot, if firing individually. The delay doesnt seem to engage on the follow up shots.

I suspect it’s because the game registers that first shot as “charging” so it comes out slower than the followups.

This and the fact it has the worst sights of all three kinds of lasguns is why I tried it once and never looked back.

The delay on firing for that first shot, or subsequent shots where you maybe held it a fraction of a second too long, and a sniper weapon that doesn’t have a scope, put the Lucius at the bottom of my list. I can snipe better and kill faster with the Recon Lasgun.

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Yeah that shot delay just kills the weapon for me, no matter how quickly i click it always trys to charge immediately :confused: if they just added a SLIGHT delay to the charge beginning it would be so much better imo

It might not be your preferred type of lasgun.

I think theres a total of 15 different lasguns in game as every variant has 3

In addition to 15, different stat rolls can change the damage and total ammo.

I personally like the charge mechanic and I don’t plan on ever needing to rapid fire it as thats just a waste of ammo bc the recoil will inevitably make some shots fall off target at max fire rate.

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It is my go-to weapon.
I got used to the iron sights and the delays, perhaps a matter of training / willingness to adopt.
What I dislike is the “scattering” of light (uncharged) rapidly fired shots at a distance, but then, on the other hand, it’s a weapon for close and medium range where it shines.
I also like the bayonet-attack and find it very useful (and stylish), but as the “charged” attack does not do any more damage I would love to see a parry function instead.
Lucius pattern all the time!

Mk2 for me partially because the Mk3 just didn’t feel like it packed as much of a punch as the Mk2. I can burn the same amount of ammo but fire a bit faster charged shots for the same damage on my Mk2 then on my Mk3. Also the bayonet swing feels worse on the Mk3. I prefer the stabby stab as its faster and interrupts things like hounds and Ragers in my experience.

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So ive spent all my in game time working on getting the MKI , MKII and MKIII’s to orange level and good stats, each rifle is above 78% damage.

Ive spent about 15 hours using only lucius pattern las guns and here is what I think.

The MKII is by far the best version if I had to choose one of them to use. Best rate of fire and does the most base damage. The MKIII does less base damage and fires slower. The slower fire rate I understand but I think it should also do more base damage. The MKI is just not worth using as it doesnt do anything better than the orher 2 marks.

I think they should add a charge delay just so users could tap fire quicker to hit those moving targets before the charge begins. I also think it should do full damage to carapace armor without charging.

On a side note the weapon stats are all wrong, the stats say each rifle has a fire rate of 1.5shots/second, which cant be true as each rifle has a different fire rate.

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Troughout all 3 patterns of the Lucius, I have noted a disadvantage/bug:
When disturbed during charge up the trigger gets “stuck” and one is unable to fire/charge for a long enough time to make this a troublesome feature. This is a serious problem in higher difficulties, especially when you are defending agains “BigMuty”, Flamers and Hounds, and never get a shot/charged shot out.

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So the Mk1 isn’t meant to be overly superior to the Mk2 and Mk3, it is a balance between the two types and honestly my preferred Helbore Variant.

  1. Unlike the Mk3, it has the bayonet stab, which I prefer to the bayonet slash.
  2. It consumes less ammo on a full charged shot then the Mk3, and only slightly more then the Mk2, but does damage in between those two. Coupled with Volley Fire it offers a good chance of 1 tapping most elites with a body shot, compared to the Mk2 which might require an extra 2 or 3 shots even with Volley fire.

While the Mk2 does have higher fire rate, it kinda ends up breaking even with Mk1 when it comes to the charged shot damage of the Mk1, roughly the same dps, although you might actually consume more ammo on the Mk2 given you’ll most likely have to pump more shots into elites and specials to actually kill them even with Volley fire.

Each has their own advantages. The way I see it…

Mk2 is better at dealing with hordes potentially due to its higher fire rate and lower ammo consumption compared to the other two, but can struggle with elites and specials even with a full charge shot.

Mk3 is best for taking on Elites and specials with its raw high damage charged shot. However due to its ammo consumption and slower rate of fire, struggles with hordes of enemies.

Mk1 straddles the line between the two extremes. It is capable of dealing with hordes when needed, but can also offer some pretty nice on demand high damage for Elites and specials.

Especially after the update, all the Helbores are shining pretty bright right now. It makes me so happy as a Krieg fan XD


MK3 can be pretty good.
Can basically one shot ogryn specials with headshots while ult is up with a good roll, i got 8 percent elite damage and 25% carapace armor damage on mine with good stats and useless blessings, and it will even one shot crushers during ult if i crit, if its not a crit it will still be a two shot.

I believe the max a powered shot from a Mk3 can do is 525… if I’m not mistaken? Then add in a 50% on Volley fire. Which is about 787.5 damage before factoring in a Talent like Sniper and the upwards bonus of 116% based on how far an enemy is away from you, and the bonus it gets vs Armor.

The Lucius actually does more damage to the head of a mauler then actually body shotting them lol. So effectively, with a Mk3, you should be able to absolutely 1 tap maulers with volley fire to the face.

With the mk3 i have, i can one shot maulers to the head if its a crit, if i dont crit its 1 headshot and 1 body to kill it, or you can just put two in its body and it should go down anyways depending on your weapon roll.

I normally use the “the bigger they are” talent which does not affect the mauler, but even with the “counterfire” talent the damage increase does not seem to be high enough to change the amount of shots needed to kill.
The “sniper” talent does not seem to be able to push the damage enough either when it comes to maulers, although if i am to close to a reaper it will survive with a sliver of health.

There is a rare modelling bug, that, when occuring, makes good aiming nearly impossible.
In a few hundred games I have noticed this only with Lucius-Patterns so far. In Heresy and Damnation a catastrophe. Below 2 images of the same gun (Mark I) - first the “broken” one during a mission, below the way it should look like.

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Yes ii happened to me often. Had to restart the game to fixed it kinda annoying.