Lucius Helbore Lasgun Needs a Reimplementation & Buff

Our favourite Death Korps of Krieg weapon. I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

  • Gun needs to autocharge shots.
  • Please emperor no more auto-discharging.
  • Overheat if too many consecutive shots fired, for lore and balance reasons (varying by shot charge).
  • Better damage output to justify recharge times.

The manual charging mechanic is honestly frustrating and mainly serves to interfere during intense fights. You can’t even hold a shot because it’ll discharge on its own. The helbore is a very cool weapon, but I would say it’s currently the least useful gun in the game due to these issues.


I like how the heat buildup/smoke effects obscure the sights, so you can’t even see your target :clown_face:


100% this. These are good suggestions to make the weapon feel better and more useful. It doesn’t really have a place right now. Especially the sights being obscured by the charge effect so you can’t even see what you’re shooting at!

I’ll leave my thread about it here too:


What you dont like an ironsight gun that also has 50% of its centermass blocked by the bright red light of the gun charging. You must be a casual.


let’s counter act your points

Gun doesn’t need to auto charge, the reason is because charging shots takes more ammo. the more charge the more ammo it uses and it already hits as hard as a normal las without the charge.

i rather not have auto-discharge. it’s to stop you focusing on a target waiting for that shot while your team could use your attention elsewhere.

the gun doesn’t have an overheat mechanic in ANY lore or game. period.

Yes, only one i agree with

The gun is pretty good already, but, a few things hold it back, like the sight and the damage on a charge.

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Even if you roll a good one (i got one with headshot damage. It can kill most specials on heresy without charging. It is bad becuase it doesnt cause supression. Its unusable most of the time unless you have a lightning staff on your team.

Can two shot reapers though, i would run it in the rught team comp.

It’s actually one of my favourite guns in heresy but the auto-discharge is very frustrating when your team has a rhythm to always be in the shot when it’s fully charged, then move aside, then you charge again and your mates in the shot again. Would be nice to just be able to hold it and spend ammo or something.