Helbore feels frivolous

Maybe it is just a personal preference thing but i feel like the whole appeal of charging before firing is somewhat redundant considering that is the only optimal way to use the weapon (the more “standard” semi-auto lasguns do more damage than the uncharged Helbore shots).

If i may make a suggestion to simply remove the charge mechanic, give some sort of magnified optic to the weapon, and used the charged damage and ammo use profile for its base shots, we would have a cool little long range option that so far i haven’t seen much of in the Veterans arsenal. Obviously i wouldn’t expect any sort of change as big as that anytime soon but just some food for thought.


They could probably remove the charge element quite easily and just have it as a DMR type weapon. So same damage as the charge but without charging. Might not get a scope right away but that’d be interesting to test.

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And please for all that is Holy, put some more sights/scopes on more guns

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What about making uncharged shots hit as hard as the low damage/high firerate lasgun variant? That way its not useless but still inferior to that variant of lasgun and promoting use of the charged shot for any important targets?

Don’t ask for a weapon to be strictly better than the other variants.

I think allowing us to hold the charge would go a long way here. It’s a major bummer to charge a shot and then have the target go behind cover before you can shoot them.

Also, the uncharged shot still has a slight delay, which makes it kind of tricky to use. I think the uncharged shot should fire instantly.

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Give it a scope and its the jesus weapon now lol. Please give it a scope

I would be happy with the standard las gun holo sights please.