Helbore Lasgun need a HUGE BUFF

Thanks to more detailed weapon stats on release, now we can clearly tell that Helborne Lasgun is vastly inferior compared to trusty XII Infantry Lasgun…no, even the default infantry Lasgun perform way better than Helborne version because it lack many things such as

  • Very low attack power per charge spent (nearly half of XII Infantry on 0 charge)
  • Ammo Hungry w Low firepower (140 dmg using 5 ammo vs 280 on 3 ammo)
  • Bad Iron sight which make it even worse for long range combat
  • Low clip capacity (75 vs 100)
    *Long weapon swap animation

The only advantage Helbore version has is an armor + projectile penetration at max charge (It’s melee feature also suck), even that will get underwhelmed easily since Recon version + Burn will do a better job in every situation. IF that isn’t enough, then we have the almighty Bolter or Plasma Gun for armor crushing job

Please please please dev, give this weapon love because it currently devoid on any of it. Make a Helbore a proper weapon where you barely need to switch to melee thanks to the bayonet feature (should be high damage + short range/cleave for balance), make it a proper “Marksman” by adding short scope like infantry lasgun.

Yet the most important part is to Increase the Karking base damage!! we are out there trying to survive a sector filed with Daemon infested people, not to chase a bunch of rascal.


And make the bayonet worth using!

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What it also needs is a bug fix.
Its the only rifle that i consistently cant shoot on. It primarily happens after i got shot while in ironsights. I know of the stun etc, but it happens randomly that i am entirely prevented from shooting the gun until i exit iron sights and enter it again. Its frustrating.

Its a really cool weapon but its not worth using at all unfortunately because standard lasguns just perform better due to their higher fire rate. I can shoot 3 shots from my trusty lasgun in the time it takes me to charge one of the lucius helborne shots and deal more damage that way.

I had this bug too , really annoying one

This is so far the best I’ve been able to pull. While it’s without a doubt one of the most fun guns for me to run, I find more often than not I’m placing a shot just before an encounter to find my center because of how miserable the sights are to use. Onslaught makes charging this gun more or less redundant because of how fast gets.

The reward for using this gun -is- the act of using the gun, pulling it out in a hoard to pick off the big and bad before drawing the power sword to clean house. Still, I’m in the market for a killer XII to replace it as the gun doesn’t really have an identity or a niche for it to fill. Maybe someday we’ll get Death Korps armor so I can larp a Bayonet charge with the homies, but until then…


I think it is fine besides the sh*t iron sights. I won’t use it unless it gets a scope.


ya know… a while ago, i had the feeling that part of the Helgun’s issue stems from the fact that it should just be the Kantrael XII. The Lucius pattern should just deal higher damage and need more ammo per shot.

Tbh. I think that FS used the “Variations” of the lasgun to pad out the weapon numbers and then they needed to do something with the Lucius to “justify” it being its own thing rather than just a skin for the Kantrael or “Kantrael with worse sights and a bayonet” and so came up with the charged attack…

This thing need to do more damage than the long range Kantral since it use 5 ammo by default and close to double damage + penetration for 10.

It really laughble how pointless it is compared to the Kantral.

Have you tried MK III? it’s like the gun has a an ability to make the game harder since the damage aren’t even worth the ammo consumtion.

Lucious Lasgun in general already suffered enough at 3, while your teammate will definitely hate you for using it on much higher difficulty. Like it or not, the base damage need to get increased from close to/higher than XII (MK III since it consume more ammo per shot).

Not only that, this gun still need a lot of buff like scope/proper iron sight and better alt melee to compensate the long swap animation.

I think part of the issue is that the Lucius Pattern should basically be the Kantrael XII. Higher damage per shot but slower firing and effectively less ammo (tbf. i think based on fluff it’d be just the latter, but that doesn’t matter)

But since FS added 3 of each Lasgun as Light - Medium - Heavy, the Lucius needed a gimmick to make it “unique”, and just giving it a bayonet wouldn’t really have done so (especially since all lasgun should be able to be twin-linked or have a bayonet mounted… then again, so should they all have a selector for semi and full auto) and so they went with the charged shot…

The charged shot is fine, the problem is the terrible sights combined with charging up causes the barrel to glow making it difficult to see your target as you line up the shot.

Give this lasgun a scope or a sight like the kantrel and dramatically reduce the barrel glow or remove it entirely and it will be fun and useful.

I keep trying to use Helbore with good stat and perk yet no avail since XII does more constant damage in general, while bolter is pretty much a straight upgrade to this gun

Please give us better Iron Sight/scope like other lasgun + better base damage for III + better damage bonuses per charge level + increase melee special attack damage. Right now it feels like i tried to gimped myself everytime i brought Lucious Helbore as my ranged weapon.