Can you please do something to improve the helbore lasgun

The gameplay of this rifle in comparision to other rifles is just awful, the amount of cons that it has make it a painful experience to use, the only advantage is the charge shot, that take to much time to charge and by the time is release other players with other rifles already have take out the target, and going from melee to range or reload take too much time, when you shoot the “charge shoot” the smoke effect clouds the visibility making dificult to do another follow up shot. i would love to use this weapon but it needs some improvements.

I think the charging up shots is fine, its just hard as hell to see your target.

Give this lasgun a sight like the semi-auto lasguns, and remove or reduce the glow while charging so you can keep your crosshairs on a moving target without a crazy amount of luck.

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Yeah, I’d like to get rid of the charge as well, find it annoying to use, but you’re right, the biggest killer is seeing the target past that glow…