Low framerate, inconsistent frametimes

My PC has a 4090 & 5900x. Darktide runs anywhere between 70 to 120 fps with High preset, ray tracing off and DLSS set to quality or auto. The game will occasionally stutter and the framerate will just keep spiking up and down randomly when looking at the same spot / not doing anything. Changing the in game settings doesn’t really have much effect on this.

The CPU utilisation is below 30% and so is the GPU utilisation. I’m on the latest nvidia drivers.

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I’m essentially in the same boat (RTX3090 and 5800X3D), with medium GPU and CPU usage. It stutters a lot, depending on the environment. Sadly that’s just the sign of bad optimization and/or crappy Nvidia drivers.

Nvidia might release another version the day before the official release…

It may be worth running through some of the suggestions here:

I’ve tried all of these already :frowning:

bruh you need at least an rtx 5090 to run this game, upgrade your hardware


These toddler tipps aren’t really helpfull (FatsharkLev), you can find them everywhere and for every problem, even for climate changign you get such tipps.

I can lower even everythign to low, doign nothing - the frametims are horrible, on a Ryzen 5950X and 4090 RTX. I’M playin with a 60 FPS VSYNC cap, it feels often like 30 FPS. I’m not using any FG.

Almost everyting is idlign here in this PC but the FT and FPS are just like a kick into the stomach.
In this scence just nothign happens and look at the graphs.

is there any hidden copy protection crapware missusing my system? The bear-head anticheat app is also there, any Tencent special background tasks running and causing this wonky performance?

The difference to Vermentide 2 is just so extreme and i have even quite fast hardware.

This game runs like sh*t, changing the graphics settings barely helps.
Optimize your game please.

And don’t give time stealign tipps like reinstallign drivers…

the actual patch has an subtitle bug - i need turn on/off after every game launch to get rid of it.

RTX 3090 and 5800X here, exact same issues, even exact same settings and resulting FPS.
For now I’ve locked the game to 60 FPS to make it smoother, but even then it will dip to low 40s in busy scenes.

2560x1440, high preset, DLSS set to performance, raytracing off. Running a dual monitor setup, only other running apps are Steam and Discord on the other monitor.

5800x3d & 3070ti
2560x1440, RT off, DLSS quality, 10-14 cpu count option

50-70FPS…frametimes vary wildly

I’d jump out of a window if I payed 2 grant on a GPU and then had to lock it at 60fps lmao …^^

Anyway, yeah, game seems to be poorly optimized generally. But at 1440p I do get a fairly consistent 80-90fps on medium settings @1440p, no RT (3070ti, Radeon 7 5800X). So nothing to complain about, especially if they can squeeze out a few more FPS down the line with optimizations.

Similar boat here;

Ryzen 5600X
32Gb RAM
RTX 4090

Getting around 70-80fps in lobby when loading into the game. Varies anywhere between 70-120 depending on where I’m standing/looking. A friend of mine has pretty much an identical system and is averaging around 140fps.

Weirdly, I get over 200fps when in inventory (not as much going on, I know), but the same friend only gets around 170fps.

Just seems really odd that the performance swings so wildly and inconsistently.

Have tried all the suggestions and more. Actually wondering if it’s time to reinstall Windows at this rate!