Love the game, but the new overuse of "ground spawning" is ruining the game

Enemies spawning out of the ground at your feet is now getting out of hand and ruining the gameplay in my opinion. It ruins the immersion, strategy, and “solidity” of the gameplay. It’s like diablo 4 - trash gameplay where you basically have to go in circles playing whac-a-mole with whatever pops up.

If the heretics can’t path to a player - they need to path to a clown-door or some other environmental prop that makes sense. Having them crawl out of a steel plate I’m standing on is not cool. It just feels like the game is broken and the AI is cheating.

P.S. This game is amazing besides.


Pretty sure that’s unintended and a bug. Feel free to report it.

Are you talking about the new spawn points in end events?

The little port holes in the floor where zombies occasionally swarm from?

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Oh yeah my bad. He probably meant that. I thought he was talking about enemies appearing out of thin air, which is happening now again occasionally.

Well OP never answered so :man_shrugging: OP answered

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Enemies spawning out of thin air is still happening sometimes.
They just spawn on regular floor, standing and ready to go.

When they come out of the “real” floor spawns, they come from a visible manhole that opens for them, and which the enemies have to climb out of before they are ready to go.


So rats can spawn out of holes in the ground in vermintide but poxwalkers can’t climb out of a manhole? Ok :man_shrugging:

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tbh they just need a flashing light or something to warn you they’re about to open. Or even just change the visuals of the portal so they stand out more and make you aware of their existence before they open up under your feet.

Like, we all know not to stand near doors. We’ll all learn not to stand near floor portals too. The difference is that doors all stand out visually from the walls they’re placed on, while the portals blend into the floor.

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Rats in vermintide do this sort of spawn all the time. The difference there is that they make a very distinctive rattling sound, unmistakable with anything else in the game. Darktide lacks good sound cues like that, half the time I can’t even hear doors opening because the sound is muted and feels like it often gets cut entirely because door sounds have a low priority when many sounds are playing at once.


Had a plague ogryn spawn in the middle of a hangar last night. Definitely a lot more spawns in the middle of the room since the hotfix.

There are certain sounds that really need to play over any other audio, be it music, shouting, or gunfire. Special spawns is one such sound cue that should always be heard and play over all other audio input. Doors and manhole openings is another such sound that should take priority.

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I’m referring to enemies crawling out of the ground. Anywhere. The “director” can’t find a spawn point for them and they just crawl out of the ground at your feet. This can happen anywhere. They obviously changed something with the class overhaul patch that significantly increases occurrences of this “cheating” by the “director”. This is basically only an issue on damnation difficulty.

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