Losing books

Just wanted to say it’s really annoying going through a level and getting all the way to the portal to have people join and remove your books you carried the entirety of the level.


… what? Like someone joins and then throws away the book?

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No but when someone’s connecting at the end of the map you cant go through the portal cause you need to wait till he’s in game.

If the Bot that going to be the Player gots a book or even two you gonna lose them if one player touches the Portal before the last Player connected the game ,its gona be instant over when he connect even if no one is near the Portal anymore, lost probably more then 100 books to this …


Err… don’t go near the portal if someone is loading in?


@Argonaut14 Sometimes you just dont notice the message in the text box cause you maby got some event to finish and you’re focused on the game.
On xbox just for example some ppl load in for like 10 minutes or longer (on Fort Branchsenbreuger i waited once for 23 minutes for one to connect…)
and then you may just forgot about it cause you’re a bit under pressure reaching the portal or you just dont know if they still connecting or canceld cause it took to long and you’re not sure cause the text box vanish after a few seconds if nothing happens… when I’m aware of someone connecting I’m sure not getting near the portal so pls dont come up with something obvious like this it’s like you get the question from you’re netprovider support if you tried to restart you’re router when you got connection problems…


There’s a few seconds between everyone entering the portal and the game ending.
If someone starts connecting to the game in those seconds, then there’s nothing you can do anymore. Your bot will get replaced, the match will end as soon as the player properly connects to the game, and this will happen inbetween the bot disappearing and the new player spawning in.

Which means you lost whatever books that book was holding/that player should be holding.

You cannot tell me that is intended behavior.

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I would actually say this is a bug? I’m pretty sure it’s not intended…


I moved it to bugs so the appropriate staff will see it.


It’s kind of a tricky one. The solution to this (unless someone can suggest another I’m not thinking of (I am pretty Jetlagged, so it’s entirely possible I may even be misunderstanding)) is to remove the anti-griefing we’ve set up in order to stop Bridge of Shadow trolls (those who stand outside the bridge in order to hold a match to ransom).

This would be the easiest fix, yeah.
Is there a chance that the game can restart that anti-grief timer when someone is joining? Whichever is easier to code, either directly after the join, when the bots gets transported to the warp or when the player is fully loaded in (also from the warp?). Last two ones would be appreciated, directly after joining could still be used for griefing (at least for try-hards, but that’s almost a given for griefers).

The problem with that is the loading bug, where someone joins on you but let’s the timer run out when picking a class. If they then join another game, they will still be loading into your game forever and you can no longer end the game. The anti grief fixes that by ending the game anyway.


No, I think the problem would still happen, since the 30 second countdown of the anti-grief thing never happens in the chat, so it doesn’t seem to be triggering.

The real solution (although I don’t know how tricky that would be), is to make it so tomes and grims do not stop counting as being in the party’s possession in the few moments between a bot disappearing and the player replacing them.

Even when it happens during normal play you get the flashing icons of the books signaling that you lost a tome or a grim or both, before the player properly spawns and you get the icons that you got them back.


Aha, I think I get it now. I was confusing systems. Thanke, Kaelus :slight_smile:


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