Theory: Bugged portal isn't actually the portal

Issue Summary:
I had another problem with the portal not ending the game when all players were inside it, and I have a theory what might be causing it. The issue might have been compounded by the current issues with extended timeouts and broken connections - but this has given me the idea what might be causing the portal not to work.

Throughout the game we had people joining and then leaving - suggesting the connection was weak or timed out - but throughout the level (probably where you get the first Grim) to the end I had one of the player portraits (Kruber) with the loading icon/spinning arrow to let you know a player was joining although nobody ever joined and the bot kept running the mission doing bot things - launching itelf off the edge, running into fire etc.

My theory is that the Portal isn’t bugged, but the game considers that there is a player waiting to spawn and therefore not all players are in the portal. The Netcode tells the game there are four players but it never resets when a player joins and leaves quickly.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play a game where someone joins and leaves - we had this two or three times during the run.
  2. Get to the portal with all books.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Unusual (< 25%)

No evidence gathered, sorry.


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