Lore discussion about 'Dark Omens' [Spoilers, obviously]

Sooo… During conversations just before the drop with ammo and health before the final event, they all pretty much say that they could stop the proceedings in the crater by destroying the warpstone meteorite, altough the explosion of it will (most definitely) kill them.
Then, it obviously doesn’t and the whole team gets quite literally blasted into the shadow realm, from where a portal opens which brings them back to the keep (would’ve been cool if it would, only after that map, teleport them to the weave portal).
So, the explosion transfers them somehow into the realm of Ulgu, and i ask myself why.

  1. Olesya could have something to do with it, right?
    They come back and she has everything set up right there, a new portal, the athanor, and crafted everyone weapons which work in the 8 weaves and the amulet of ashur for everyone, although this could simply be for gameplay reasons.

  2. My initial idea is that they maybe got transfered into the shadow realm (i just like to say it that way, pls let me :grin:), because they got attuned to it through travelling to every location with shadow magic? Wouldn’t it be too far fetched to say that Olesya has preperated for her magic to work right there at the explosion to save them into her realm?

  3. It just happened at random, and Olesya was ready to take action to save them on the spot after she felt the explosion.

They travelled a couple of hours into the ‘wild’ (their wording) to the ‘Barony of Maisberg’ after being teleported by Olesya. It’s far away, further then everywhere they have travelled before (or so i’m guessing, this is all coming from starting conversations on Dark Omens: Bardin mentions being thankful for not having to travel all the way, Kruber and Sienna mentioning that they’ve come a long way, as well as the following).
But, as there always is one but, Kerillian mentions something akin to this: ‘I hate Olesya’s magic, it’s hours ago and it’s still clinging to me’; as well as that traveling with Olesya’s magic would give her nightmares. So there may be a relation to #1?

An interesting part is also that they have really different views on the situation:

  • Kerillian the above, only worried how she feels about Olesya’s magic, as well as that Lohner wouldn’t worry over nothing; add the obligatory ‘the weave shudders’ and ‘i have a baaad feeling about this’
  • Victor is really upset that they could have gone so far for nothing
  • Bardin trusts Lohner’s instincts and that they should check it out
  • Kruber says that after having travelled so far, they should just use the opportunity while they are there
  • Sienna is almost certain that they will find nothing there (i’m asking myself why, 2 occasions where she says that)

So, that’s my spin on it, restarted the map a lot of times to get all dialogues. What do you think?