What happens now?

To sum it up, saltz could be in trouble, he went rogue on his order and did a bunch of no no’s, bardin sent a letter to the order pretending to be kruber thinking hes doing good that could bite saltz in the ass later, the elf arrogance peaked at semi godhood, the keep is officially haunted, the blightreaper is still there, theres a comet in the sky (even though we can’t see it) sienna is still a fire crackhead, the chaos wastes expeditions got in contact with some of the gods (hopefully the good ones).
Where will it go from here?

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Well, everyone dies tragically of course! It’s the End Times after all. :sweat_smile:

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Do we have a source for this? Because the only things I remember are:

  • “something” happened but the heroes being unwilling to tell Lohner what it was
  • Kerillian saying that it wasn’t what she was expecting and that she is undecided if it was something good or bad

There is a real chance that they contact some god but I don’t think it has been confirmed. It may have been some kind of offer they have yet to accept or decline by some unknow entity.

She might as well have expected a pistachio ice cream for all we know though :wink: