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Don’t know. Maybe that scene is already completely explained within canon lore. However, with the CW update we know for sure that Be’lakor is still talking to all of them and seems to try corrupting them.

Maybe he convinces Kerillian to warn Lileath while secretely tagging along. I am nowhere near being fit enough in lore to have a good idea without holes :stuck_out_tongue:

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“You see, each of Be’lakor’s Shadow Champions - I won’t write their names down for fear of something coming crawling out of the ink – didn’t start out a raging, axe-happy son of sedition. No siree! Not the carefree and unhygienic life of a northland marauder for them. Turns out, each of the trio was a devout member of the Order of the Silver Hammer. If you find that a bit incredible, well, I can’t says that I blame you. But it gets worse. You see, all three went down the same worrying path. Started hearing voices, didn’t they? Specifically, Sigmar’s voice, booming like thunder and drawing them northwards to undertake trials.”

Do we assume that the Witch Hunter General knows this as well? Was just playing through the Chaos Wastes as that dialogue about the letter happened again. It gets a far more sinister tone in this context. It would explain the “interest” the Witch Hunter General takes into Saltzpyre’s journey. Although the kind of interest is not specified. Because if he knew about the other members of the Silver Hammer, it begs the question why not just murder Saltzpyre directly?


While its possible that Be’lakor is playing Saltz like a fiddle and Saltz has undergone a certain “flanderization” as of late to become the common punching bag for various jokes in the journal, I don’t think that Be’lakor is powerful enough to mimic a god’s powers.

If Saltz’ was fueled by Be’lakor he would as far as I can see become a Chaos Champion and I don’t think that every single one in the keep would miss the signs of it, or tolerate such a thing, no matter how deluded Saltz would be about the whole thing.

Thus my explination is that Be’lakor tricked Saltz but Victor the Warrior Priests is indeed fueled by Sigmar Heldenhammer who might be giving Saltz a helping hand to fix his mistake regarding Be’lakor.

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Daemons are known to take over the demand to the Gods

But it doesn’t mean that the Daemon Control the Devoted, it just mean that they do it to inflict problems via the Chaos Manifestations (Honestly it wasn’t the worst option)

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I take it that this is from the Warhammer RPG. Is it 4th edition?

2nd I think, or might be from the 3rd not sure anymore

2nd, eh? I’ve played alot of 2nd edition but nothing of 3rd and only a little with 4th. I’ll see if I can dig into this and return with some more info regarding this.


Ok, this Wrath of the Gods is indeed from 2nd edition. 4th edition’s versions is entirely different from this one.


I don’t think that Saltz would get a “Wrath of the Gods” effect since it only applies to users of a Divine Lores, as opposed to the Arcane Lores used by the Empire’s wizar before. As such a Chaos Manifestation is possible but only after Saltz became a Warrior Priest.

But there is one thing that would fit rather well with the proposed scenario of Saltz and Be’lakor. That is that there’s a Catastrophic Chaos Manifestation which reads as follows:

“Heretical Vision: A Daemon Prince shows you a vision of Chaos. You gain 1d10 Insanity Points. Any time after this event you can spend 100 xp and gain the Dark Lore (Chaos) talent.”

This could be the thing which could allow Be’lakor to manipulate Saltz, if we want material to support it.

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How is the 4th edition different ? Never got around to playing it (dissolved group and the rest continued on Pathfinder, Delta Oneshots and Call of Cthulhu

To start with 4th edition has a much large table to roll on, even if you add additions to 2nd edition from “Tome of Salvation”.

As far as I can see only “What will you sacrifice for this boon?” and “Daemonic Interference” lay down the pain on the priest in 2nd edition while there are pleny of ways for something to blow up in the face for a priest in 4th edition with serious consequences.

Not to mention that 2nd edition has in the core table only eight things that can happen. 4th edition has around thirty things that can happen. Including auto death if you don’t have spare Fate Points around to save your bacon.

So I would say that the largest difference is that 4th edition is rougher to roll on than the 2nd edition table.

Franz Lohner’s Chronicle - Whispers in the Wind — Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Come back of the Weaves? Or some kind of fusion after all?

The explanation for Be’Lakor is halfway clever. Because it also means he can be broken down to a beatable opponent instead of just roflstomping us.

This seems like a “meta” message:

I wish we’d never messed with those dratted Weaves

And this here is me wondering what the other shoe is:

“All that’s left is to wait for the other shoe to drop, because it surely will.”

Also to the writer: I think it is Ulgu and not Uglu the ugly.


:joy: I wish they didn’t, too.
Or rather, that they didn’t go overboard with the ranked weaves and the cataN. I admit I had some fun beating the first set of challenges, and QP weaves are ok. Also, yeah, having a separate progression sucks too. And unlocking every level of every weapon is just ridiculous.
All things considered, Be’lakor is definitely the least of their problems :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m quite hyped too. Sadly it’ll be a long wait, I fear, but at least we finally know what the meaning of going to the Wastes was. The full weight will reveal itself in time (I’m expecting the witch hunters will want to have a word).


Franz Lohner’s Chronicle - Spiteful Pleasures — Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Not to much happening today in Lohner’s Chronicles.

In semi-related topic. I think the new voice lines from Be’lakor make Sofia and Bardin’t daughter and actual story part in-game which is nice.

Also, with the Be’lakor reveal I think we can safely assume that he is one of the two evils Saltzpyre dreamed being trapped between. Wonder what the second evil will be. Because if he is trapped inbetween it is something not allied with Be’lakor. So maybe someone offers “a helping hand” which may be equally worse?

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