Loot & Weapon balance

So to begin with loot is essentially non existent due to RNG and when items do pop up 9.9/10 they have garbage base roles so their not worth upgrading to begin with. We still haven’t gotten the rest of the minimal crafting system that does exist. Whatever ideas you guys had for the loot system it just isnt working, nothing in the game feels rewarding. And weapon balance it feels like everything was balanced around malice where nothing matters anyway about 90% of the weapons need buffs and or reworks to make them viable in heresy and damnation. Some people will agree with me some wont but the fact remains the player base is going to bleed dry if something tangible isnt done soon. Im still confused how both previous vermintide games that are much older have better loot systems. And if you cant balance the weapons then reach out to the modders that did it for vermintide 2 your community wants the game to succeed but right now it feels like were playing a partial alpha from 2 years ago