Loot Question

What happens to your loot when you open a chest and the host quits before you click on any of it to see what you got?

Does it disappear or just automatically go in you inventory?

I have had it happen a few times but not sure what becomes of the loot.

Afaik, the loot is generated the moment you open the chest, so it indeed should go into your inventory even without you opening the individual items. This could be tested, though, even without explicit cooperation from the host (though they still need to disconnect, so cooperation is a good idea) by making sure all your items are ones you’ve seen, i. e. no “New Item” marker, then getting the correctly timed disconnect and checking the inventory again.

Ok that answers my question, thanks for the reply.

Chests should be generated the moment you get the end of map black screen, and loot is definitely generated the moment you click on open box. I’ve had that happen often enough.
An exception might be a server error, but that’s not connected to the disconnects described here.

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