Items Swapped into Chests become stuck and Not retrievable

Was playing a mission with others. One of the secondary objectives was the Scriptures. I picked one up and we carried on. Later I found a chest with an Ammo Pack. I swapped items, deployed the Ammo Pack on the ground (to get ammo), and then went to retrieve the Scripture from the Chest. It was there, I could see it, it had the indicated icon and interactable prompt. But it would not permit me to retrieve it. My entire team was also not able to get it. All 4 of us tried. So we had to abandon it. We successfully found the remaining Scriptures on the map. But were unable to remove the one we had swapped into a chest for ammo crate.

SteamID: RemoraDFC

Aprox time, sometime in last hour of this message post. Reproduction, Rare, 1st time this has occured that I am aware of.

darktide_launcher.log (242.9 KB)

console-2022-12-05-17.28.30-e5c903db-f1ae-42de-b55d-5c30212a75d1.log (459.9 KB)

Thank you for your report! Do you remember what mission this happened in? Do you remember what chest was affected?

I believe it was on map Refinery Delta-17. I was not familiar with your reporting process at that time, so I did not think to record which exact crate it was. :frowning:

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