Opening a chest while host leaves means no reward and no chest anymore

Edit : Not a bug.

Opening a chest while host leaves means no reward and no chest anymore.
Maybe you could remove the chest AFTER receiving items :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you check your inventory when back in your own keep? I’ve only had it happen once or twice, but all it did was skip the animation and the three ‘reveals’.

Yep I checked to salvage everything and nothing

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Are you sure? This has happened to me before and I still got my items.

I asked QA to look in to this. This was the outcome:

Cannot repro this. However I think it might be the case of them changing character when they are returned to their keep.
So if I am Kerillian in my keep, I join another lobby where my character is picked so I have to pick another character. This will result in me becoming Kerillian again when I get kicked to my lobby.
So if I open a chest as (lets say Bardin) when I’m in another player’s keep and then I get kicked midway, I will be Kerillian in my keep. If I then look at my salvage section as Kerillian I will only be able to see Neckless/Charm/Trinkets that I got from that chest because I opened it as Bardin and any weapon in it would then be for Bardin and would not show up for me as Kerillian


Ah ! Possibly that. Will check later.

I did check and yeah it was exactly this. So close the topic, it’s solved =p

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As requested! :slight_smile: