Am I losing items from inventory/loot on game crashes?!

The game is crashing all the time on using the crafting system and opening boxes. The minute FatShark start toying with people’s progression and the potential for people to lose loot or inventory items due to whatever issues they are having they will lose even more people from the game.

I can’t keep track of if I’m losing items or not since I’m sitting at 10 pages of items on each character and the inventory system is so bad I’ve got Photoshop open so I can take screenshots and compare what illusions I already have and what I can salvage. Is the inventory meant to be this user unfriendly.

Does anyone know whether any loot or inventory items are lost during the following:

The game crashes when opening a loot chest
The game crashes when extracting an illusion
The game crashes when salvaging items
The game crashes when converting dust

Every time it’s happened to me I’ve still kept items/loot etc

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Afaik it goes into your inventory the moment you hit open and the rest is just fluff and ceremony, so don’t think you have to worry. Crashed a few times on boxes myself but always kept the loot.

Also pretty sure it’s basically equivalent to host leaving while you’re opening chests, you don’t lose loot.

I’m also gonna assume these are backend and 1342 errors; they’ve been happening everywhere since patch and there’s so many topics about then that I doubt fs is unaware, so hopeful of a fix or statement soon ^^

I’ve gotten lucky and only got one crash since the patch.

That said I agree the inventory management system is pretty awful. It seemed OK at first but the more items I get, the more frustrating it is. Especially once I started experimenting with different loadouts, salvaging and rerolling became a nightmare of trying to remember what items I was using or planning to use for what career.