Long loading after character select

Every time I select a character it takes 25 to 30 minutes to load into the hub.

RTX 4090
I9 13900k
Samsung M2 SSD
Windows 11

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Our Backend Engineer is actively looking in to this issue, but we understand some players have been able to work around this by changing their DNS.

If you’d like to try changing your DNS, an example DNS is Cloudflare (Set up on Windows · Cloudflare docs) but there are multiple DNS providers available should you prefer to choose another one.

But this is the only gaming causing me issues is there a way to change the DNS for just this game? Sorry I’ve just never done that before .

Can the team look into this please.

It used to work fine.

So once my character loads into the hub I have 0 issues runs great.

It’s just that first time I boot it up and pick my character.

Has anything been done on this as I’m still having issues .

Please advise.

It used to work fine when it was first released.


We are looking in to this, but I’m unable to provide an ETA on a resolution. I recommend changing your DNS in the mean time.

Anything on this ?

Any Update? was having a blast and now I can’t even log into my character.