Long bomb Penance

I’m sorry, but, this requirement is too difficult with everything working against you. Your team mates will charge ahead, pulling the enemies toward you, and there’s hardly ANY locations where you can throw it the distance YOU NEED. Then Enemy spawns can screw you over while you farm it. It’s just, why the HIFL does this penance exist.

I’d say there are multiple penances that deserves a second look, LIke. don’t take any melee damage for a full game on Malice or above? I mean, you can’t have eyes in the back of your neck.

Vt2 was possible to do cata with 0 damage taken, I believe DT will be the same when they fix the sound bugs.

Oh I don’t mind the penance existing. Just doesn’t make sense to me that it is sharpshooter specific. And comparing to the other classed, the class penances are very varied in how easy and hard they are for the same class. I just believe that “do not get hit” belongs as a general penance rather than a sharpshooter specific. I mean. Look at the preacher penances. “Only use melee” “hit a sniper from 40m with grenade”. They are really easy.

Just doesnt make much sense to me.

IDK man, seems like something a heretic would say… Sure you really love the Emperor with all your heart if you won’t even go through a single mission without getting hit? Why do you want Nurgle worshipers touching you anyway???

Hey inquisitor! This guy over here!

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I played a lot of tier 2 missions and every time i though i could pull it off i wasted my nades. I finally made it at the very end in front of the Valkyrie in the Ammunition raid mission.
You need to aim high for the Arena entrance with the stairs when the poxwalker waves start pouring out.

I agree these suck somewhat but they are not impossible. After some time they will be just a checkbox you can easily tick off with guides just as Smoke throws in Counter Strike

Once I realised how the grenade’s throw preview worked, it was actually trivial to get this. When you hold the grenade, it doesn’t show the arc, it shows the entire path of the grenade. So you find an open space, aim until the tip of the trail ends just above a crowd and throw.

Did it first time, then.


I managed it, its atually not so aweful, you can also shotgun it in mid air, I also managed it on a controller.

But shoot 5 highlighted enemies in weakspot is going to be impossible, as im pretty sure someone else is gonna steal my need kills before I can get them, allot of pennances are frankly anti-team

like zero ammo, 100% accuracy, im pretty sure, unless the shotgun can get 120%+ accruacy through spread, you have to only use melee until a boss then blast his huge shield.

Even last shot, is going to be an absolute karker on the team as youre spamming your ammo, just to get to the last round.

(edit) Misremembered, nevermind

Don’t despair, there’s lots of good spots. Do it in the new outside maps before you drop down to the big open area.

And enemies spawning behind you.
And Mutants/Hounds turning on a dime/ignoring dodges and shrugging off bolt rounds on their way to eat/pound your face.
And enemies magnetizing to you even after a dodge.
And melee damage bleeding through toughness.
And probably other things I’m not remembering right now.

Volley a Nurgle slug in it’s weak spot.

For long bomb, on the ammo loading finale map, as soon as you hit the button to extract, throw the grenade back to where you drop down with a large arc, and throw all of them. You’ll get it in a try or two

I got this, while complaining about it, in the first group of enemies on Chasm Terminus. I threw one grenade at the first distant group of enemies and mistimed it, then threw another at another group of enemies even further behind them, just a Hail Mary, and it unlocked.

For anyone new still struggling with long bomb, you can get practical short ranged airbursts by doing a quick-throw (just click throw without holding) at 30-45 degrees upwards, no need for finding maps with super long throwing distances and praying to the emperor.

Its super easy, barely an inconvenience! Not that the game actually tells you anywhere you could do this lol

Got it randomly on the final objective at the Aegis Station. Just keep playing. This isn’t a penance you need to actively work towards.