Long Bomb achievement bugged and now locked

Unlocked Long Bomb achievement on Steam for Veteran.

But armor and Penance did not unlock for same achievement despite popping up in game, now unable to score it again.


Player ID:
SteamID for achievement proof: 76561197987069848


Glad I wasnt the only one who experienced this. Any luck in finding out if there is a fix for it yet?

Took a couple attempts, but after todays patch I got it when I re-did the feats

so i have to do the achievement again?

This can potentially happen if you were unable to complete the mission where you unlocked it because of a crash/disconnect, etc, since the steam achievement is unlocked the moment you fulfill the criteria, but the ingame reward is unlocked when this is reported back to the servers.

Either way, this shouldn’t ever prevent you from just completing the requirements again to unlock it, as if you hadn’t done it in the first place.

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