"Marked for Death" achievement not unlocked when completed

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Hello. On my veteran, I fulfilled all of the requirements for the Marked for Death achievement, but i was not rewarded it. Interestingly, I completed the requirements for the Deadeye penance at the same time and WAS rewarded with that penance. Unless im missing something, it doesnt look like its possible to get Deadeye without also doing Marked for Death. So im pretty confused and convinced it must be bugged. Any help would be super appreciated, thank you!

edit: to clarify, i got neither the steam achievement nor the in-game penance for Marked for Death when i should have

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why was my topic moved to Bugs? I am asking for assistance as my game isnt giving me a penance, when it should. I am seeking technical assistance not simply reporting on a bug!

Tech assist is more solving a problem on the user end, requesting refunds, etc. This looks like a bug in the game’s code so it goes to Bugs, I think?

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