Optimised for Battle achievement bug

I am playing from Steam on a PC. I’ve been stuck at 24/25 missions completed as Outcast Engineer on the achievement Optimised for Battle. I have tried doing all levels once, missions from recruit to legend, but I still do not get the last one. Has anyone encoutered that bug as well or knows how to fix it?

Hi @scorchdelta62,

Could you please PM me with your Steam profile URL so we can take a look at this for you?

Hi @FatsharkLev ,
I am new to the forums and I don’t really see how I can PM you. I don’t see the related icon to message you.

No problem - I’ve sent you a message :slight_smile:

For future, you should be able to select a user’s name or profile icon/image on a post, and a ‘Message’ option should be available in the pop-up.

Found the solution! Disabling all mods and finishing a level actually rewarded me with the achievement!

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