Lock Items on Vendors

Would be nice to lock Items on Vendors. Already had 2 Insane Weapons that i could not buy in time.
That is needlessly frustrating, since farming Vendors is like the only Source right now.
Even with an improved mission rewards , this would still hold value.


This would be a nice addition for players that are still leveling and want to try new weapons or that don’t play for multiple hours a day.

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I fell like the shop should have way more stock, and new stuff should be ‘added’ hourly, with some items staying, some being replaced - not a whole new shop.

I mean, realistically couldn’t they just add more stuff to the shop to buy? How hard is that to do? Shouldn’t they just be able to change a couple of numbers?

The shop as it is right now feels not very consumer friendly.

With nice words:
It feels more like they create a need to have a look at every hour so you dont miss something you might want and stay as long and often in the game as possible.
It also pointed out i the forum here that random missions and sa few otherthings go this direction.

I guess we all know what kind of games this normaly do. This is not a good sign for a pc games if it shifts the direction from the mobile market with the game concept as a whole …

I really hope this will change soon.