Inventory/shop needs changes

Inventory needs to be shared, and shop needs to have 1 of each weapon. Either that or you need to be rewarded the weapon you just locked on level up. It is frustrating that there are weapons that each class shares but you lock currency, crafting materials and inventory to each character. On top of that, people have posted memes of getting 7 lasguns in a row in the shop, and the higher you level up, the more likely that’s going to happen with the amount of duplicates. Inventory not being shared makes people feel like they have to stay on one characters, and given that half the content of Tide games are leveling characters, people would have a much lesser experience.

On top of that, you’re also adding a ton of grinding RNG to crafting with requiring 3 of the same tier blessing to go to the next. It took me 3 days of constantly checking the shop every hour I was active at my computer to get a dagger with bleed on it. It is more worthwhile to wait until I find one with tier 4 bleed and swap to it then deconstruct.

Also, what is the point of increasing the item level when upgrading a weapon if it doesn’t change the stats, other than passive stats? Shouldn’t the bars go up? Why is a random legendary item in the shop better than one I grinded for from many missions? Why can’t I randomly roll my blessing to another blessing like in VT2? What is the max for stats, so I can tell what the weapon’s maxes are


You know… i get the feeling that Fatshark probably really wants us to buy Aquilas once the game releases… So maybe they want us to use cash to circumvent their Manperor damned awful grind/equipment stuff