List of weapon skins/illusions/cosmetics

Is there a resource (official or unofficial) where we can browse the various weapon skins? It seems like I can locate the clothing cosmetics by searching pretty easily, but weapon cosmetics are nowhere to be found.

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no, since weapon skins tend to cover various weapons (and a given skin might end up becoming it’s own mark of weapon later with a recolor) the system for player cosmetics doesn’t fit it.

Some folks on reddit do seem to keep track of all this, though as of yet I’ve not seen a place where its all consolidated.

As Jakal rightly points out, things over at Fatshark are a bit loose right now! We don’t even know what they have planned for weapon customization, if anything at all. So the skins are dripping out slowly, appearing almost random.

(For example! The “Voidscar” camo for the laspistol, was originally given as part of the set for Psyker that included the Obscurus helm and Illisi psykana garb. Last month it randomly appeared in the Zealots cosmetics page. I have no idea what they are doing, and I don’t think the person in charge of cosmetics knows either.)


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