Limbsplitter Feels Very Bad

Title says it all.

I consecrated one of my “daily driver” melee weapons and it got Limbsplitter as the 2nd blessing.

Basically feels like Limbsplitter bricked my favorite weapon. I have no desire to block-cancel my way through levels, so I moved on.

Anyone else have a similar experience? Anyone more knowledgeable know a strategy/build for zealot that uses Limbsplitter to advantage?

If there is no crafting system, seems like the developer should immediately remove any “Blessing” that is actually a curse. Tie this to the RNG item shop and who knows when I’ll ever see another identical melee weapon like the one I lost.

Thanks for reading.


Yeah, I don’t really see the value in blessings that have huge downsides. Like if the upside outweighed the downside it’d be ok, but they don’t in this game.

Like a good example of a blessing with a downside would be something like this

Heavy Bullets: Your bullets deal 25% more damage, but your gun shoots 20% slower.

So in my example you get a net positive out of it since your gun does more damage and will also be more ammo efficient in some cases. Like 2 shotting vs 3 shotting a particular enemy type. You will have to get used to slower fire rate as its downside.

But the ones we have in-game are not like this, it’s usually big downside, small upside.


Yes, Limbsplitter is a straight up negative blessing that will ruin the vast majority of weapons in the game. Myself and my friends have “upgraded” some of our best weapons and unfortunately gotten limbsplitter. This made my grind to get a good brutal momentum axe insanely aggravating. I’ve dumped countless thousands of plasteel over this, the actual axe I use now is purple because I don’t want to risk ruining it.


Yeah, same, I’ll upgrade guns to Orange now but not melee weapons. It really feels like I got burned. Only purple melee weapons now.

Even if it was changed to ‘on chain attacks’ it would still be meh. As is it is 100% trolling. And yes I do have like 6 axes with it…

Literally the only blessing in the game that nerfs your weapon. I have no idea how this blessing even got approved.

I refuse to upgrade any axe if the next upgrade is a blessing due to the risk of it getting this nerf. I will not waste hours of gameplay geting mats to nerf my axe.

I know some people think this blessing is “good” cause you can just block reset. Their wrong of course.

You could just remove the -20% part and everyone could get what they want.

You interrupt the chain by block(push(stab)), missing, waiting for too long. It’s worth on weapons with which you pushstab quite often as it makes it easy to reach oneshot-breakpoints (for example slidedancing thru shooters, oneshotting all targets with the pushstab. It’s a more reliable way to reach breakpoints as with other blessings which stack up, decay or need an initial attack/crit. Tho it has the downside of nerfing the chained attacks.
Imho a niche blessing, but well worth a consideration and therefore a valid addition to the blessing pool. But I agree, the downside could be smaller numberwise.

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Thanks for the highlight, that’s actually true now that I think about it – My push/stabs are stronger on the very first one with Limbsplitter. Problem is the first Blessing on this particular axe is the "Chaining 2 or more attacks increases power by X %. Stacks N times. Pretty much the worst possible weapon to get Limbsplitter on lol.

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