Lighting and Visibility

During the beta, I was running on Low graphics setting because my poor graphics card is old. The game was frustratingly dark, even with gamma turned up.

I’ve seen footage of people running on higher spec systems, and it seems like dynamic lighting is doing a lot of the legwork and everything is much more visible for them. If something could be done about lighting on Low presets, that would really enhance the game.


I played on medium for better performance and I was in a dark room. Was good for me.

I think game must be dark and I like the mood of it. I understand it may require to have controlled light in the room so eyes would adapt better.

Try to reduce amount of light in your room, sit far from bright light, windows, and you will see better and more details on screen.

This shouldn’t matter if the monitor doesn’t catch glares from sun or the room illumination, and monitor’s brightness (backlight) is high enough (and its calibrated correctly).

untill you get shot by ranged enemies from a mile away, that are spread out & in cover, without any ability to return effective fire

I do critical color work and how room is lighted is very important. Calibration is very important for proper colors but environment does effects tonality and contrast/brightness.

In simple way, imagine monitor is grey and background is bright you will see monitor as more dark than same grey on dark background (it will look brighter).
It’s just how our eyes and brain works, tricky

The traitor guardsmen goggle glow goes away at medium range on medium settings or lower, so a very important visual tell being tied to settings like that isn’t great.


Thanks for the explanation. Does that mean that contrast is only lost under a certain threshold in a bright room? (like cant discern elements that have less than 10/255 brightness)? But everything higher - can still discern just as good?

Because in this situation, only thing that matters is discerning enemy guardsman from background or cover. I think its the contrast (of enemy model vs environment) that is the real issue for me. Not that its dark. If enemies would be bright gray, against a similar bright gray background - it’d still be much too hard to see them than it should be in a shooter game.

Also, half of ranged infantry doesn’t wear goggles (they seem to be PDF, not Guardsmen), they wear helmets that look like welding masks.

It’s all together. Can’t be too technical (I know some things, to help me get better results, but not full science behind it).

It’s not just contrast, but the light in the environment. There is not much sources of light on some maps, at some points all is well visible on some is not. This is why it’s so cool if you or teammate have a flashlight!

It’s just was designed like this, only way to fix it to put more lights, which can be strange in some places, on some maps. Plus I feel by lore most of enemies are in dark armor.

I had a lot of fun by playing blackout event, was very cool in the dark with flashlights.

I saw it too, but even when far it was possible for me to see green dots and headshot them with lasgun, but it was hard, I see your point.

I think the majority of what we’ve seen so far isn’t too bad, but there are sections where the enemy has an easier time setting up ambushes in the dark. Since it’s not always, I don’t hate it yet.

It might be good to get a sense of dread when heading into a darker than normal area.