Level 30 Talent Upgrade Suggestions

Hi all. I thought that the talents of a level 30 veteran are rather weak, only Sustained Fire is great, because, allows you to immediately reload your bolter and restore Toughness.

The others are not so obviously useful, here is my suggestion how to improve them:


+25% Weak Spot Damage during Volley Fire. Volley Fire now Designates all Scab Shooters as Priority Targets. Weakspot hits restore 1 ammo to your magazine, critical hits restore you an additional 1 ammo to your magazine during Volley Fire. Killing a Designated Enemy during Volley Fire reduces it’s cooldown.

Now there is a weighty system of encouragement, aiming and shooting at the heads of opponents, which in this game does not look very advantageous against the background of more fun guns like bolters and automatic rifles with a large magazine.

The Bigger they Are…

+50% Damage (Ogryns and Monstrosities) during Volley Fire. Volley Fire Designates Ogryns and Monstrosities as Priority Targets. Reloading a weapon with an empty magazine restores 1 Toughness for each round in a new magazine. Killing a Designated Enemy or while the enemy is bleed during Volley Fire refreshes its duration. Frag Grenades apply Volley Fire on hit enemies.

The Veteran has difficulty against Ogryns with a shield and a club, this change is intended to improve this case, as well as encouraging them to opt for weapons with low damage but a large magazine. It also provides the basis for a frag grenade build.

Thank you for your attention.